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Real Leaf 2 MegaPack

Product Information

  • Required Products: Carrara 5 or better .
  • You can find new presets files for Carrara in the following folder(s):
        o Data:Plants:Leaves
              + GKD_ML Curved
              + GKD_ML Curved
              + GKD_ML Curved
              + GKD_ML Curved
              + GKD_ML Curved 05.carr
        o Content:GKDLeaf_MP:Shaders
              + Bump - for bump imag files
              + Color - for color image files
              + Displace - for displacement image files
              + Normal - for Normal Map image files
              + Specular - for Highlight image files

Product Notes

For Carrara 5 users: - You will need to add the Carrara5 shaders folder manually to your Browser. Just start your Carrara, choose the Shaders tab in the Browser and click in the black circle icon in the right corner.

- Choose ADD FOLDER… and go to the folder location (for PC: C:\Program Files\Eovia\Carrara 5\Presets\Shaders\GKDLeaf_MP) find the new Carrara5 folder and click OK.

- When prompted choose Shaders and you will see the new folder added to the Browser.

- Carrara 6 users will have the folder added when start the software after installing the pack, if don't, follow the instruction above for Carrara 5 but only add the GKDLeaf_MP folder.

USING IT: just add a Plant to the Assembler Room and choose the Leaf tab to add a new leaf. You will find 4 new icons with a red arrow, this are the four leaves shape type that you can use to map with one of the 40 shaders provided.

- After choose one leaf shape you can now jump to the Texture Room just clicking in the brush icon.

- Now you will see a list with the shaders domain for the plant:

- Now Open the Browser and search for the new folder in the Shaders tab. Choose one shader and drag over the Leaf domain (image above).

- There are 3 sizes to choose:

  • B for high resolution 1000 X 1000 color channel
  • M for medium resolution 500 X 500 color channel
  • S for the small resolution 250 X 250 color channel

*The Normal Maps need plugin from Inagoni to work, so follow the instruction for your plugin to use it

If you want to use the shader in C5 or C6 with displacement map you can use the Carrara5 folder shaders in the object. This folder have the Displacment Map turned on.

UPDATE 10/04/2008

Some people have problems loading the Leaves shaders so you can download the ziped file above and unzip under your shaders:

C:\Program Files\DAZ\Carrara 6 Pro\Presets\Shaders\GKDLeaf_MP

A new folder called Carrara6Fixed will be added with better references for the image maps.

Hope this help out more people too.