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The Rulers of Egypt


Product: Rulers of Egypt
Product Code: ps_ac253
DAZ Original: Yes
Created By: Anton Kisiel

Product Information

  • Required Products: Victoria 2.0, Michael 2.0
  • Product can be loaded from the following library folders:
    • Figures: “Anton's Egyptians”
    • Pose: “Anton'sEgyptiansMAT”, “Anton'sMW MAT” & Anton'sMM MAT“

Product Notes

  • Face morph depicted in ad renders is Anton's PromoGirl free included in DAZ's Spywear.
  • Skirts:
    • This package includes a new experimental skirt design that finally allows Poser skirts to kneel, sit, and move realistically without a stiff center piece. Not without compromises, the skirt offers new freedom in poseable clothing.
    • The skirt will perfectly receive any Pose you apply to the main figure snapping right into place. However, like most skirts, the new design doesn't use “buttock” groups. !!!Make sure that the pose you use doesn't use posing of the buttocks!!! If it does, you will need to manually set your figures buttocks groups back to zero.
  • Posing:
  1. Select Michael or Vicki and apply pose
  2. Select Skirt and apply the same pose.
  • Again be sure buttocks are set to zero in bpose. Use the thighs instead.
  • The shins of the skirt are represented by bodyhandles.Bodyhandles are bodyparts not intended to be rendered that allow advance posing of the figure where traditional bodyparts are not appropriate. They allow movement without morphs. They have their own material and should be made invisible prior to rendering.
  • Notes:
    • If using Stephanie turn off her full body morph.
    • Always turn off Ik chains befor conforming clothes.
    • Clothing is form fitting. Use Vicki's and Michael's body morphs to remove any poking oppose to resizing clothes (Vicki 2.0 Michael 2.0 recommended).If you are not going to see the underlying body part, make it invisible.

Known Issues

  • Unfortunately the new figure design is confusing to Poser, causing the re-ordered shins to move unexpectedly if conformed. The skirts can be conformed but the user must adjust the shins to compensate for over-rotation caused when the thighs are moved. And skirts cannot be scaled.
  • This is not a flaw in your purchase in anyway, simply a design limitation in Poser.

At this time there is no solution for the conforming conflict. Updates will be made available if a solution becomes possible. All other clothing items included are conformable.


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