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Denise SummerTime by dorkati-GHD Denise SummerTime by dorkati is available at

With this summer pack for Denise, you will have everything you need for sunbathing and a great vacation.

  • Bathing suit
  • Bikini Top and Bottom
  • Slippers with flowers
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun Milk
  • Towel
  • Fan Palm
  • Sand Prop with Shape Morphs
  • Seascape for Multiplane Cyclorama with seagull plane
  • 5 poses for Denise



For pose01, 02, 03, and 05 at first load Dennis, load towel, set parent to left hand, than apply pose.

If you posed Denise previously and pose not work properly, just use Ctrl+Shift+F (reset Figure) on Denise, and apply pose again. It will work. (Don't forget to set Denise back in BODY actor)

Pose04 set only Denise, you need to set towel manually.


At some morphs you will see black parts on render. It means that towel's back poke through on towel. In this case use TowelBack-hide pose file. There are MAT poses for Towel in pose library. You can change towel's texture with them, but at first you need to set parent to Denise.


Flower prop is smart parent to slippers. With some feet poses, flowers will slide a little. You need to fix position manually.


ghd-st-beachball.jpg Everybody like to play. And what is the best at the beach? Yes, a beach ball. Denise has one, just download it from here.