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Martian Princess Accessory Set


Product: Martian Princess Accessory Set

Product Code: ps_ac2742b

DAZ Original: NO

Released: 07/21/2008

Product Information

  • Required Products: Aiko 4 Base, V4 Elite Body Shapes, Victoria 4.2 Base
  • You can find icons for loading this product in the following Poser libraries:
  • Figures: “Gareee:MartianPrincess”
  • Pose: “Gareee:MartianPrincess”

Product Notes

Thank you for purchasing the Martian Princess Accessory set.

The Martian Princess Accessory set includes:

  • Martian Princess Diadem
    (This figure parents to the Head)
    • Selecting the Body gives you access to the triBangle controls for dynamic posing or scaling. In additionm you can also use the scale dial to adjust the entire diadem size.
    • Select the head diadem group for additional morph options. In addition, you can also Tilt/Bank/Rotate the diadem from here as well as the body. (Each has a different center position, and provides a slightly different rotation caused by this difference.)
  • Martian Princess Earrings
    (This figure parents to the head)
    • Select toe earing body for erc controls for earring swing and sway, and also to position the earrings for some of the various headmorphs. A counter x translate ERC dial is prodided to easily adjust thier fi to any head width, or to help reposition the earrings for extreme ear morphs.
    • The earrings each are multi-group, and scaling control dials are provided for them as well.
  • Martian Princess Choker
    (Conforms to V4)
    • Includes a width scale adjustment control for additional fitting for some shape morphs. (Required to adjust fit to the Alice body and head shape)
  • Martian Princess Paldrons
    (This figure parents to V4's chest group)
    • Select the Paldron Body for:
      • Paldron general scale
      • Paldron dual x scaling
      • Paldron x/y/z position
        (NOTE: X position actually moves them closer together of further apart)
      • Dual Swoop ERC controls (Rotate, BlowBack or HandDown.. these can be controlled independantly by selecting them)
      • Dual Cape Controls
      • Dual rotate controls for the back capes
      • Dual ERC controls for the cloth swoops
      • TriBangle ERC controls
    • Select each cape “root” in order to access it's easypose controls. Select each of the lower parts for additional posing, and easypose controls for the remainder of the capes.
    • Select either Paldron, and use it's scale Option for asymetrical paldron scaling.
    • Two additional preview display poses are provided.. to see the cloth parts in full shading, or in wireframe. (wireframe is easy to see posing from the view in front of the figure. These do not affect rendering, but are provided as a convienience.
    • You can also select each tribangle for individual posing and scaling as well.
  • Each Martian Princess clothing figure comes with a host of material zones… this is so you can combine the included materials to come up with a ton of different looks, rather then be limited by 1 ot 2 included textures. Since most of these use the same reflection map for metals or jewels, you'll find this also reduced the system overhead for the entire set, allowing you to devote your system resources to the main figure, and additional scene props.
  • Special Metalflake Poser materials are also included as well for even MORE appearance options. For best results, in poser's advanced render options, set pixel samples up to at least 6 (8 is ideal), and min shading rate down to 0.
  • Some base group material settings are provided for all Martian Princess figures, however do not limit your creativity to these alone!
  • In addition, for your convienience, you will also find a mat pose to apply just the cloth material and texture. This only affects the cloth materials.
    • TIP: For ShaderSpider users: Apply the base “gem setting” material you want to any material. Use shade spider's copy all feature to copy that to all materials. Then apply whichever cloth material material or pose (if applicable), and then set the gem materail settings. (Optionally (and better) creat material groups for settings, and gems.. you can them quickly swap out different material combinations for experimentation!)
    • Note: due to differences in the Materials setup, Poser procedural textures cannot be converted to work in DAZ Studio.

There are many free DAZ Studio Material shader presets can be used in the DAZ Studio Freepository Here are a few direct links to threads:

The meshes are denser then some clothing items, but that's because they have detail to them. Make sure you also turn poser smoothing ON for renders.. all the bits have specific smoothing settings on them to make them look even more heavily modeled.

Also, don't forget after setting your figures pose n such, to adjust the tribangles on everything.. I even I kept forgetting them. (And if you want, you can always hide them in the figure as well, if ya want a different appearance.)

There is an experimental update to this product now. It potentially improves clothing posebility. Download it at the shareCG link, and extract it into the base folder which contains your installed Martian Princess Accessory product. This WILL overwrite the original CR2 files, however I have not seen any detriments; only improvements. if issues do occur with these new CR2 files, simply reinstall the original product archive in the same location to restore the original files….(Gareee, 7/26/2008)

Accessory Tiara Freebie:


1/1/2009 New Textures released for the Martian Princess outfit Over at Renderosity



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