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Nerd & Preppie for A4 and V4

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:

Figures: “A4V4_NerdNPreppie”

Pose: “MAT_NerdNPreppie”

Pose: “A4V4_NerdNPreppie”

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:

“ People:Victoria 4:Clothing:NerdVsPreppie:Materials”

  • Product Notes

On the Nerd shirt, the flap that hangs over the skirt can be adjusted to avoid poking through the skirt in certain poses. with the two Flap adjustment morphs found in the body of the shirt.

There are morphs in the shirts, skirt, and panties which will allow the user to loosen the clothing to allow for pokethrough in extreme poses, including specific morphs to adjust the shirts for shoulder bends.

You will have noticed that there are two skirts, Conform and Pose,the differences follow:

  • The Conform skirt conforms to V4's thighs and is designed for more standard standing and walking, even casual running, and will move with the thighs automatically. The problem with conforming skirts is that they dont do well when bending both legs in the same direction, the area in the middle tends to distort due to the fact that it is being acted on by two bones at once.
  • The Pose skirt was designed to get by that limitation, For more extreme poses for example in V4s own general poses, the Kneeling 01, Pensive 02, and seated 01 poses you will want to use the Posable skirt which comes with a number of morphs designed to be used in combination to conform to more extreme bends of the legs. these morphs can be found in the body of the skirt. There are of course situations where you may need to adjust the pose V4 is in slightly to accomidate the morphs availible in the skirt.