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GIDome 2 HDRI pack

First let understand what is the HDRI file format:

HDRI (High Dynamic Range Image) It's a special image file format that also has light information in it. This way you can use it in Carrara (or other 3D software that supports this file format) to light a scene without using any other source of light. In the Movies, HDRI images are used to mimic studio lights to light a CG feature. This way the stage lights will match with the rendered frames and composition will be far better.

This new HDRI light set is to be used as a internal environment, like rooms or other closed places BUT Carrara can't render GI lights inside a closed object, so you will need to do a simple trick to use them in some cases: just delete or hide some roof or wall. This way the light from HDRI will enter the room anyway! Look the image below:

But you can use it to light external scenes too.

This pack was based on some simple light layouts like 3 point light and others, but in the end I needed to add some more sources to get better highlights in the objects. You can see an example from every file effect below:

Light 01 -

Light 02 -

Light 03 -

Light 04 -

Light 05 -

Light 06 -

Light 07 -

Light 08 -

Light 09 -

Light 10 -

Look how the light projection works in every scene. They create a totally new mood in every composition. You can get better light changing the Sky Light intensity in the Render Room (For Carrara users only), like in the image above that I use the same HDRI with the 100%, 250% and 600% value:

The Sky Light function:

Another thing that you can do to change the effect from the HDRI image is simply rotate it! Yes, HDRI are projected from a spherical source so you can rotate it in the Assembler Room or flip it. The figure shows the normal way (Flip Vertical, Flip Horizontal and none:

Here is where you can control the rotation and other things in Assembler Room:

If you want to ask any question about this pack use Daz3D forums:

Thanks to take time to see this article.