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Clothing MorphKit Elite for Victoria 4 Add On


Product: Clothing MorphKit Elite for Victoria 4 Add On
Product Code: ps_mr452b
DAZ Original: NO

Are you a clothing designer and wish there was an easier way to get morphs into clothing? Would you like to get smooth results without having to rely on hit or miss 3rd-party applications?

Or maybe your an end-user who'd like to have frequently used morph targets in your favorite garments?

Well, if yes is the answer to any of these questions, this Kit is for you!

The Clothing MorphKit Elite ADD-ON for Victoria 4 is part of our line of products aimed at helping you add more value to your Poser clothing, whether you like to buy, sell or both.

It builds upon and adds more value to your Victoria 4 Morphkit, allowing you to replicate the Elite Full Body Morphs in Victoria 4 clothing.

Suitable for Poser 5-7, Poser Pro AND DAZ Studio!

Product Information

  • Required Products: Clothing MorphKit for Victoria 4
  • You can find icons for loading this product in the following Poser libraries:
    • Props: “ClothingMorphKit-V4”

The Add-On Features

  • Magnet Sets to replicate Aiko 4's Body Morphs:
    • FantasiaBody
    • SylphBody
    • UtopianBody

Product Notes

  • I didn't really feel it was necessary to create and additional PDF manual for this update. These add-on sets work exactly like the Victoria 4 sets and are just as easy to use.
  • It took several extra magnets, compared the V4 sets, to get the morphs replicated convincingly so when you load these sets your application may take a moment to bring them into the scene.
  • The ONLY difference between these and what is presented in the Victoria 4 guide is that DAZ varied the naming somewhat.
  • These are internal name followed by external name (what you need to call the “Body” dial):
  • FBMFantasiaBody - FantasiaBody
  • FBMSylphBody - SylphBody
  • FBMUtopianBody - UtopianBody
  • If you're not worried about dial matching, name them whatever you want :)
  • However, besides this, you are good to go following the original V4 guide.


  • Commercial and Non-commercial renders and animations are fine.
  • The contents of this file may not be redistributed in any form and cannot be included in any archive.
  • Morphs that are created with the Magnets in this kit that are made for your own, original clothing can be distributed as you see fit with no royalties to Netherworks Studios. We do not warrant, nor will be held liable, for any other sort of distribution - in other words, contact the orignal author if you wish to distribute the resulting morphs for clothing that you did not create.
  • The Magnets in this package may -not- be shared or transferred; for sale or for free, in whole or in part. You can do what you will for personal, private use.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via messaging at DAZ -OR- through the email link at our website (

Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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