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Sapphire Fox Dreamy Morphs and Styles

Sapphire Fox Dreams by dorkati-GHD Sapphire Fox Dreams 1) by dorkati is available at

Dreams come true! Renew your favorite hair with these (more than 35) morphs and 66 styles. They make Sapphire Fox Hair come alive in a way you could never have imagined. With one click you can achieve a look and a style that you could never have emulated by spinning the dials. This add-on allows you to add wind and motion in any way you desire. And best of all - now you can fit this hair to V4 and Aiko4. Use you favorite hair with your favorite character!

Set includes:

  • 4 conforming hair with preloaded Dreamy morphs (Jessi, V3, Sp3, V4/A4)
  • Sapphire Fox Dreams Hair Prop to work with any figure (.HR2)
  • Morph INJ/REM files to add or remove the SFH-Dreams morphs (separated INJ-REM for figure hair and hair prop)
  • 66 New Style presets

Set NOT includes any geometry, texture or other files from original Sapphire Fox Hair product!


The Hair figure (.CR2) for V4 does NOT include any original of the original morphs Sapphire Fox Hair morphs. Morphs will need to be added manually using Morph Manager. Scroll down for detailed instruction!

  • The Hair Prop version (.HR2) loads with all morphs and fits. No INJ or editing is necessary. A4 INJ/REM Poses are available to remove or add the Aiko 4 fit options.
  • The style presets are compatible with both the Figure (.CR2) and Prop (.HR2) versions of this hair
  • These styles are optimized for V3 but are compatible with most other figures with minor (if any) adjustments.

Full Morph list:

  • BangsF-fixUp
  • AllBack
  • BackFrizzleUp
  • BackWindyL
  • BackWindyR
  • BackFunnyL
  • BackFunnyR
  • BackWide01
  • BackWide02
  • BackWide03
  • SwirlyL
  • SwirlyR
  • FrontSpread
  • FrontLong
  • FrontWindL
  • FrontWindyR
  • FrontSwirlL
  • FrontSwirlR
  • FrontSwirl2L
  • FrontSwirl2R
  • FrontRSwirl
  • FrontLSwirl
  • StrayhairR Up
  • StrayhairL Up
  • BangsR-Style01
  • BangsR-Style02
  • BangsR-Out
  • BangsR-SwirlOut
  • BangsR-Fw
  • BangsR-UpOut
  • BangsL-Longer
  • BangsL-OutL
  • BangsL-SwirlOut
  • BangsF-LongLeft
  • BangsF-Long2Side
  • BangsF-SideR
  • BangsF-SideR2
  • BangsF-SideL
  • BangsF-SideL2


The Hair figure (.CR2) for V4 does NOT include any original of the original morphs Sapphire Fox Hair morphs. Morphs will need to be added manually using Morph Manager. Morph Manager can be found from the following link:


Backing up your SFH-Dreams for V4.cr2 is highly recommended before beginning this procedure.

Open Morph Manager and load any of the original Sapphire Fox Hair .CR2 figures into the left side of the interface



Load the SFH-Dreams for V4.cr2 in to the right side of the interface


  • Go to the Neck actor
  • Expand the Neck actor, and right click on MORPH TARGETS
  • Select the Copy All Morph Targets option



Save the SFH-Dreams for V4.cr2 - you should overwrite original file to see thumbnail in Poser.


ghdsfd-freestyles.jpg 10 more styles are available for free.
These styles are optimized to using with
Sapphire Fox Dreams, but may use with
original Sapphire Fox Hair too.

But in this case you may not got
same result as you see on thumbnails.


This product was previously available elsewhere without V4/A4 fits and V4 cr2 as Sapphire Fox Dreams.Please contact with me with your order number to get update