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Bessy for Sadie by dorkati-GHD

Bessy for Sadie by dorkati is available at

Cute character, hair and clothes for Sadie. Give Sadie a unique look with this pack. She can be a movie star or a marvelous diseuse, or just an elegant lady. Anyway, you will love her new look!

This set work well in DAZ|Studio. If you want install it under DAZ|Studio, D|S materials will appear. Gloves has 2 versions. In DAZ|Studio you don't need to use Gloves Small, because normal Gloves work well with Sadie's scaled hand. But in Poser it doesn't work well. So for Poser users, there is a GlovesSmall. Detailed instructions for using this gloves, scroll down to Instructions.

Set includes

  • Bessy character
    • Bessy CUSTOM face INJ-REM - don't need any additional morph set in order to use
    • 6 skin color options - dark, light, B/W - with or without lower lashes
    • 3 lashes and eyebrows colors
    • 9 eye color option
    • 7 handle options
      • hide-show fingers
      • hide-show hands and fingers
      • hide-show whole arms
      • scale and pose Bessy feet for shoes

  • Conforming items
    • Dress with handles and morphs
    • HairBand with morphs
    • Garter
    • Shoes
    • Gloves
      • Gloves - work in both Poser and DAZ|Studio
      • Gloves Small - for Sadie's scaled hand using in Poser
  • 3 set of textures for each of clothes

  • Hair with morphs - 5 material options

  • BONUS materials for freebie Bessy Jewels - available here


There are 2 different gloves in this set. Gloves work in DAZ|Studio and Poser. But if you scale Sadie's hand, Gloves will work only in DAZ|Studio properly. This is why GlovesSmall is includes in this set. Use this in Poser if you scale Sadie's hand. This gloves will not conform on hand and fingers. Hide Sadie's hand and fingers (and arms if you want) with included pz2 files. GlovesSmall includes handle spread and grasp ERC dials in hand actors for easy using, because you can't apply any hand pose on this gloves. With these dials you can set fingers as you want.


ghd-bessyjewels-sadie.jpg Armrings and earrings for Sadie.
Load for both sides, but you can remove selected one later.