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Product Name


Product: Savannah Hair
Product Code: ps_ac2832b
DAZ Original: NO
Released: 09/04/2008

Product Information

  • Required Products: Victoria 4.2 Base, Aiko 4 Base
  • You can find icons for loading this product in the following Poser libraries:
    • Figures: “Savannah-Hair”
    • Poses: “Savannah-MATS”

Product Notes


  • All of this products content was created solely by HMann (Harvey Mann).
  • A list of all the files and folders contained in this package are at the bottom of this Read Me file.
  • Thank you very much for buying my “Savannah Hair Pak.”This package features a very high quality conforming hair model for Vicky 4 and Aiko 4, the building of the Savannah model utilizes new modeling techniques to create very realistic 3 angle flyaways, giving the hair a totally realistic strand by strand appearance.Plus over 100 categorized morph targets are available on the hair cr2 for ultimate control over all areas of the hair, including individual control over the flyaways. So the Savannah Hair can achieve many different looks, from well kept and smooth styles to totally wild and messy hair
  • Note:- There are Hair templates if you wish to create your own textures in the Runtime\textures\Hmann\Templates folder.


  • Simply install it into the version of Poser or DAZ Studio you have on your computer as directed by the installation program.

**APPLYING AND USING "Savannah Hair."**

  • This is a very simple procedure.
  • First put Vicky 4 or Aiko 4 in your Poser scene and make sure you have that figure selected.
  • Then go to the “Figures/Savannah Hair” menu and apply the hair to your main figure as you would apply any other conforming clothes items.


  • Go to “Poses/Savannah-MATS” and at the top you will see the “! SETUP” icon, directly below this are 6 setup icons.
  • Of these 6 icons, the 3 icons “!-SETUP_ALL, !-SETUP_CAP, !-SETUP_INNER2V” can be used to see the various parts of the hair without having to do a separate render.
  • The other 3 icons may require a quick render to see whats going on.
  • These “! SETUP” icons are very important to use if you are creating your own morphs and styles, they make it easy to see whats going on, and if there is any poke thru on the various layers of the hair.
  • So use these first if you want to create your own styles and variations, then add the MAT textures after you have finished.


  • Applying the preset textures is very simple, simply go to the next section of icons “+HAIR-MATS” and apply any of the 8 MAT files by simply double clicking on one of the texture icons.
  • A quick explanation of how these 4 styles of MAT files work.
    • “+1-BlondeDef” (the word to note is “Def” on the end, this means the default transparency maps are applied) these maps are denser underneath and finer on the outer areas.
    • “+1-BlondeFF” (the “FF” on the end in this case means Fine Flys) the maps are the same as default but the totally outer flys are very fine.
    • “+1-BlondeSFull” ( the “SFull” on the end means semi full) so the maps are denser in the middle section than the default maps and still semi fine on the outer areas, overall this gives the hair a thicker and more full appearance.
    • “+1-BlondeFull” (the “Full” simply means full) so all the maps are quite dense all the way to the outer areas, giving the hair a very full appearance.
    • These 4 types of MAT files are used all the way through the hairs mats.
    • They are also used very extensively in the add on “Savannah Illumination & Style” pak so the outer layers have different shades and degrees of illumination.


  • The next lot of MAT icons are called “- SECTIONS”, there are 8 MAT files here and they turn off the outer layers so you can see only the inner parts of the hair, starting with cap and gradually going further outwards by sections.
  • There are 10 MAT files here.
  • Down the bottom of this section there are MAT files called “-5-BlondeOuterA” and “-5-BlondeOuterB”, these are very important.
  • They can be used after you apply the darker MAT files (such as +2-DarkDef) to create a nice blonde bleached outer section to the hair.


  • The final section of MAT files are called “-STYLES” and these simply apply preset styles to the “Savannah-Hair” without touching the textures. There are eight instant styles in this category.


  • To create your own morph variations first simply select the “Savannah-Hair” and you will see the main body section is called “Main-Hair”, you will see a morph category called “HAIR”, simply open this and there will be 14 SUB CATEGORIES:
    • FIT
    • SWEEP
    • BANGS
    • EXPAND
  • Open any of these categories and the individual morph dials will be seen.
  • In the “FIT” category there is only one morph called “FIT-AIKO4” simply dial it to the limit “1.000” to make the hair fit AIKO 4.
  • Below this is the “SWEEP” category, use only one of these morphs at a time (not two) and dial it in to the fullest degree “1.000” to make the hair pull back behind the shoulders.
  • A couple of special sections to note are “NECK-SOFTEN” and “LONGER-POSES”.
  • There are only 2 dials in the “NECK-SOFTEN” category called “Twist+40 and Twist-40”, basically use these if you twist Vicky 4's neck to “+ 40” or “- 40”, these dials will soften the twist effect on the hair itself.
  • If you are using a longer hair style then use the “Neck-Rot+40” or “Neck-Rot-40” dials in the “LONGER-POSES” section.
  • The “LONGER-POSES” section is to compensate for certain Vicky 4 poses that dont work quite as well with longer hair styles.
  • Finally simply experiment with the other dials in the other categories to see what is possible, most of them have limits on them so you cant get into too much trouble.

Well that's it. I really hope you like using this Savannah Hair Pak as much as I enjoyed creating it. It has many new and unique features that I hope you will find useful in your DAZ and Poser creations.
Best Wishes
Harvey Mann


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