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Rawn Zombie M4

Some souls won't stay down, and death may not be the end. Rawn Zombie rises again in M4, with textures of such amazing depth and detail that you can't help but say “I can't believe its not dead!”

* Rawn Zombies for Michael 4

  • 1 Custom Zombie INJ/REM Morph
  • 1 Zombie Body ++ INJ/REM Morph
  • 1 Zombie Head ++ INJ/REM Morph

* 3 Ghoulish Zombie Material Options

  • Clean (Relatively) Zombie Texture
  • Skin Peeling Zombie Texture
  • Rotted Zombie Texture

* Graveyard Prop (.OBJ and .PP2)

And for those who enjoy the Zone-D Collector Card game, here is a sample card for your collection, please feel free to print and play as you desire. (for personal use only)