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By: IgnisSerpentus
Release Date: October 2008
Store Product Page: Belthazor
ArtZone Group: Damage Inc

Belthazor is a dark and evil, yet whimsical and completely silly original figure for Poser. He was designed to be an emoticon with expressions and demon morphs to change his form, yet his versatility is quite endless. He works great on Gothic Architecture, as accents on weaponry or clothing or just as skulls littered on the ground. He comes with a small arsenal of options, to really raise some Hell in your Runtime.


Belthazor Figure

  • 10 Expression Morphs
  • 10 Demon Morphs

Conforming Posable Demon Wings

  • Also includes an inj/rem to change the scale of the wings

MAT Options

  • Gold, Black and Red Horns. Also includes a injs/rems to remove the horns completely
  • Natural Teeth, Rotten Teeth and Gold Tooth
  • 10 Wing MATS, for the posable wings

Eyeball Props

  • Blue Eyes
  • Green Eyes
  • Hazel Eyes
  • No Iris Eyes
  • Red Eyes


This is a stand-alone item - it relies on nothing to use it, as everything is you need is included in the set.

To load Belthazor, browse to your figures library, and to the “Belthazor” folder. You will see the CR2 for the skull therein. Double click the icon, and he will load in your scene. When you click on him, you will see the morphs in the parameter dials; Expressions and Morphs. Turn them as you please to get a desired look. You can also mix and match them to come up with some outrageous looks. There are limits set on these morphs, to avoid over-extension and crinkling of the mesh.

You will find the conforming posable wings in the same locale as mentioned above. To load them is the same as well. To conform them, you must go to figures/Conform To and select Belthazor in the drop down list. Hit ok, and they will load onto Belthazor. Then you can pose them and move them as you wish. Keep in mind, the wings will ONLY conform to Belthazor; they will not work with any other figures.

As noted, there are also several mats included to use for the set. These are located in your Pose Library, in the “Belthazor” folder. Here you will find options to change the texture of the Horns, the Teeth, as well as the Wings (you must have the corresponding figure selected in the scene, when injecting the mats) There are also options to remove the horns, should you want them invisible, as well as an inj/rem to scale the wings larger in size.

Last but not least, Belthazor also includes Eyeball props, to give him eyes if you wish. These are parented to Belthazor. To locate them, browse to your Props library, and therein the Belthazor folder will be the eyeballs. There are 5 options to choose from. There are also dials to pose his eyes.


This pack was once sold on RDNA/Content Paradise as well as my private store for a short time. As it has been drastically updated with new flat maps, better textures and new thumbnails, I am offering an update to those whom have purchased him on either of those stores. If you purchased him on RDNA/CP, just email me and include a proof of purchase and your username, and I will send you the link to download via email. If you purchased him on my private store, just log into your account there and download him from your past purchases. Update is fully there, thats all there is to it!

Templates for all figures and props are available on the DAZ store page, so you can make your own textures and add-ons if you wish.

The thumbnails for the pose and light files are the standard 91×91 resolution, so that they will show properly in DAZ Studio. If you are a poser 5 or higher user and prefer the larger thumbnails (which are 100×125 in size), you can download them here: Belthazor Thumbs

Please Note:
Bigger thumbnails will NOT work in DAZ Studio, nor lower versions of Poser, so only download these if your using Poser 5 and higher.

Instructions to install larger thumbnails:
These are set up to the same exact locations as the original sets thumbnails. To install, simply unzip it to your Poser Runtime, and overwrite the old thumbnails.

Technical Support is always available. If you have questions that need answers, feel free to email me –