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Millennium Beard for Michael 2


Product: Millennium Beard for Michael 2
DAZ Original: YES

Product Information

  • Required Products: 'Millennium Man' Michael 1 or Michael 2.0

Product Notes

* Notes from the artist:
* You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
* Figures “DAZ Hair”
* Pose: “MAT Millennium Beard”

Product Notes

* Millennium Beard
Because there are so many, the MAT-MOR poses are divided into several differently colored groups. Each group represents a different set of poses that share a common feature.

Yellow = Color, Map and Transparency (global)
White = Lambchops, +Mustaches, +Goatees, +Van Dyckes
Orange = Muttonchops, +Mustaches, +Goatees, +Van Dyckes
Purple = Pointed Sideburns, +Mustaches, +Goatees, +Van Dyckes
Teal = Square Sideburns, +Mustaches, +Goatees, +Van Dyckes
Dark Grey = Long Square Sideburns, +Mustaches, +Goatees, +Van Dyckes
Red = Wide Sideburns, +Van Dyckes
Blue = Full Beards, Mostly Full Beards, Partial Beards +Goatees
Green = Goatees Only
Maroon = Mustaches, +Goatees

The icon will show what you'll get. Due to the complexity of the material groups and transparency map combinations, each of the provided MAT-MOR poses will adjust all the necessary settings to make the selected beard look like the library icon.

As a result of file size and bandwidth concerns, the remainder of this product (which IS REQUIRED for ANY of the MAT poses to work) is available from the product page as an updater. The core files (the ones this readMe came with) must be installed prior to attempting the updater(s), otherwise they will fail to install; the updater checks to see that the files do indeed exist and are the correct files.

The updaters contain between them:
1 Texture Map (2000 x 1583), 44 Transparency Maps (2000 x 1583)

This figure is intended to be conformed to Michael. This figure, as with any other figure using Full Body Morphs, is susceptible to “crosstalk” in the BODY group. This can be used to your advantage, or you can use the “Millennium Null” linked from our site to prevent it. More information regarding the null and crosstalk can be found in our FAQ section.

Resolved Issues

  • None

Known Issues

  • None


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Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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