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Morphos-The Character Maker


Product: Morphos-The Character Maker
DAZ Original: YES

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

Product Notes


Morphos will work with the following: Victoria 1 and 2, Michael 1 and 2, Stephanie, Preteen Vicki, Preschool Vicki, Preteen Boy, Preschool Boy, and the Millenium Baby. You can also create your own morphos files to work with other figures! See MorphosFileHelp.txt for more.

Morphos default installation is :Runtime:Python:DAZ:Morphos.

After installing you can find more help from the file Runtime:Python:DAZ:Morphos:MorphosFileHelp.txt

If you are a Pro Pack user…

1. From within Poser 4 Pro Pack, use File→Run Python Script…. You are then able to browse to where Morphos was installed (:Runtime:Python:DAZ:Morphos) and select Select 'Open'. Morphos will now be a button in your Python Window (if there are any empty buttons). Simply click on 'Morphos' after raising the python window by selecting Window→Python Scripts.

If you choose not to permanently add Morphos to your Python Scripts window, you may launch Morphos in one of two ways:

1. From within Poser 4 Pro Pack, use File→Run Python Script…. You are then able to browse to where Morphos was installed and select Select 'Open'. The Morphos interface should launch.

0r 2. 1. From within Poser 4 Pro Pack, use Window→Python Scripts. This will open the Python window. Click on an empty button to which you can assign Morphos. When you click on an empty button, you are then able to browse to where Morphos was installed and select Select 'Open'. The button will now read '' and when pressed, the Morphos interface should launch.

If you are NOT a Pro Pack user…

You do not need Pro Pack to use this utility, however if you are a Pro Pack user you be able to have real-time feedback on what Morphos is doing due to Python integration.

If you do not have Pro Pack, you will need to install the freeware version of Python available at Once Python is installed, you can simply double-click on to run! If for some reason, this does not work, you can open and run Morphos from a Python IDE. This will be located where you just installed Python.

Simple Instructions

  1. Load a Millenium Figure into your Poser Document Window and then start Morphos.
  2. Adjust the yellow sliders to specify what parts of the body you want morphos to effect.
  3. Hit the Create button. On Pro Pak you will actually see the figure change and be able to keep creating until you find one you like.
  4. Select Save as Pose, to save the file in your Library. You can change the name of the file to anything you wish or replace the existing Figure Pose File.
  5. After creating the new morphs, in “DAZ Morphos” of your Poses library you will find new icons for loading the poses. If you are not using Pro Pak Python, try the pose and repeat steps 3-4 to get a pose you like.
  6. Select Exit to quit.

Morphos File Format

Create your own sliders and Morphos interfaces using the Morphos file format. You are able to link any number of morphs located anywhere on the figure to one dial! These linked parameters will be intelligently auto-dialed to create a unique figure. Using intuitive and fast sliders, you are able to control the blending of various morph groups in the randomization process as well as final overall morph strength using the “Pose Level” slider. It is fun and easy to use and will save you hours of work! See Help→MorphosFileHelp while running Morphos or :Runtime:Python:DAZ:Morphos:MorphosFileHelp.txt for more information.

Resolved Issues

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Known Issues

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Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

DAZ Productions Technical Support
12637 South 265 West #300
Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777
FAX:(801) 495-1787
TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170

File Listing

\Runtime\libraries\Pose\DAZ Morphos

Michael 1 Character.pz2
Michael 1 Character.rsr
Michael 2 Character.pz2
Michael 2 Character.rsr
MilBaby Character.pz2
MilBaby Character.rsr
Preschool Boy Character.pz2
Preschool Boy Character.rsr
Preschool Vicki Character.pz2
Preschool Vicki Character.rsr
Preshool Boy Character.pz2
Preshool Boy Character.rsr
Preteen Boy Character.pz2
Preteen Boy Character.rsr
Preteen Vicki Character.pz2
Preteen Vicki Character.rsr
Stephanie Character.pz2
Stephanie Character.rsr
Victoria 1 Character.pz2
Victoria 1 Character.rsr
Victoria 2 Character.pz2
Victoria 2 Character.rsr


Morphos.Michael 1.txt
Morphos.Michael 2.txt
Morphos.Preschool Boy.txt
Morphos.Preschool Vicki.txt
Morphos.Preteen Boy.txt
Morphos.Preteen Vicki.txt
Morphos.Victoria 1.txt
Morphos.Victoria 2.txt
Morphos.Victoria 3 All.txt
Morphos.Victoria 3 Body.txt
Morphos.Victoria 3 Head.txt


Morphos README.txt