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M4 Magnet Fits

Poser Magnet Tutorial (Adobe Acrobat Required): magnettutorial.pdf

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
    • Props: “M4_Magset”, “M4_Magset:BodyAreas”
  • This product contains magnet presets to assist in creating morphs in clothing to fit over the Michael 4 base morphs.
  • These magnet sets are NOT designed to make morphs in the figure. This product is not recommended for new users. A strong knowledge of poser, morph target use and creation is needed.
  • Though created for Poser, these magnet sets should work in DAZ Studio, though adjustments may be required.
  • To use (Poser):
    1. Load Michael 4, in the zeroed position. (to zero a figure, turn off IK on both legs and use Zero Figure in the Joint Editor to set all bends to 0).
    2. Load and conform the clothing item you wish to add the morph to.
    3. Set the morph on Michael 4's Body to 1.
    4. Select the clothing, and apply the magnet of the corresponding name.
    5. Adjust magnets if needed. Since all clothing is built and shaped differently, the magnets will work differently on each clothing item.
      • NOTE: If a clothing item does not have all the body parts the magnets are assigned to, they will attach to Michael 4 instead and cause strange effects. Ignore this, it will not affect your clothing item. On any affected body part, dial all the magnets to 0 and the distortion will go away.
      • NOTE: Long robes often have the entire skirt area as the Hip object. Magnets assigned to Thighs and Shins may need to be attached to the skirt. Select the needed magnet and in Properties and add the new body part to the magnet.
    6. Create morphs. You can do this manually by selecting each clothing body part and using the Object Spawn morph target command or by using one of several Python morph target spawning scripts (such as the free python script “Spawn FBM” made by Dimension3d and available in the Renderosity freestuff or the scripts in Netherworks ClothKits).
    7. Set all your new morphs to 1 and create a Full Body Morph to create the master dial in the body. (Unless you used Spawn FBM script, which does this step automatically).
    8. Now remove all the magnets and set all the body part morphs to 0. Your clothing will now have a new morph that fits M4's morphed shape. Save this clothing item to your library folder. (NOTE: In Poser 5 and below morphs are saved in the cr2 by default .. in Poser 6 the default Use Binary Morph targets will save the morphs in a PMD file. To save in the CR2, turn this option off).
  • A blank set of magnets has been provided to help fit clothing to custom morph targets.
  • These magnets may NOT be resold or distributed.
  • Morphs made using these magnets are your property and you can do whatever you like with them.