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Surrounded By Men - Everyday

Surrounded By Men - Everyday for Michael 4 by dorkati-GHD Surrounded By Men - Everyday for Michael 4 by dorkati is available at

Create any character that suits your imagination! Just look around - men are everywhere. One hundred eight faces from mailmen to delivery boy from procession men to actors. And since a figure is not only a face and not completed without a body, eleven body presets has been included.

Set includes:

  • 119 INJ/REM (.PZ2)
    • 108 Everyday Faces
    • 11 Body Presets
    • 1 Zero Body


For large preview images about faces and body presets, click on image. ghd-ed-0001.jpg


ghd-ed-tn.jpg Click on image to download larger (110 x 140) thumbnails.
File size is 3,95 Mb.