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Cavalcade of Feelings

Cavalcade of feelings for Michael 4 by dorkati-GHD Cavalcade of Feelings expressions for Michael 4 by dorkati is available at

From sad to happy, angry to naughty, you can represent almost all emotions with this 305 piece facial pose pack. Keep in mind that some expressions are exaggerated and are better suited for comic books and caricatures rather than 'real' faces.

Set includes:

  • 305 Expressions for Michael 4 (.FC2)
    • 167 Average
    • 25 Genial
    • 75 Gloomy
    • 38 Not So Real
    • 1 Reset


For large preview images about M4 Expression faces, click on image. ghd-m4exp-0008.jpg


ghd-m4exp-tn.jpg Click on image to download larger (110 x 140) thumbnails.
File size is 10,3 Mb. Please download only if you own this product because of large file size.