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Deadly Maiden

Product: Deadly Maiden
Product Code: ps_tx2415b
Programs Supported: Poser 5+, DAZ|Studio
DAZ Original: No
Published Artists: Arien, Surreality
Released: November 2008

Deadly Maiden is a texture set for Death Bringer, by Arien and Surreality. Deadly Maiden is part of a group release that includes Death Bringer (outfit), Nova Hair, Wyrd: Nova (textures and poses for Nova Hair), Warrior Maiden Tazi (character for V4) and Savage Sword (poses for V4) brought to you by Neo10, AprilYSH, Surreality, Skyewolf and Arien.

For full size promotional images, visit the Death Bringer and Deadly Maiden Gallery


Deadly Maiden consists of 4 main textures sets for Death Bringer, with 1 colour variation each, for a total of 8 textures, and includes:

  • 169 high resolution (3072*3072 and 3072*1843 ) diffuse, displacement, specularity and bump maps for 8 sets of textures.
  • 64 advanced Poser MATs, 64 D|S material settings that use HSS.
  • One pdf file as documentation

Materials and Shaders

To apply the specific high-end materials for either Poser or DAZ|Studio, go to Pose\Wyrd-Sisters\DeathBringer, and select the required MAT pose.

The Poser materials use advance shader nodes and displacement, and because of this, require you to render using Firefly, and have displacement enabled.

The Studio materials use the Elite Human Surface Shader, and require you to have the latest version properly installed; if in doubt, re-download either one of the Elite Textures or HSS on its own from your account, and re-install; if in doubt, refer to the information on page 5 of the PDF.

Please check the tips and tricks on better quality renders with both Poser and Studio to obtain the best possible results.



As part of a new functionality of Studio, you can find the Studio shaders in the same folder as the Poser shaders; just click on the desired thumbnail and Studio will automatically load the Studio shader instead of the Poser one. Be aware that while every effort was made to get them as close as possible in both Studio and Poser, in some cases we preferred to play on each programs’ strengths, and so the ones depicted in the thumbnails might be slightly different from the ones loaded.

Human Surface Shaders Presets

The set uses HSS shader presets to obtain better results. Be aware that you need the Human Surface Shader to be able to use these (available with any of the Elite Textures, and separately as ds_ap47), and also that the render times might be longer.

Lighting and reflections

Metal is reflective, and the native Studio materials have been set up taking this into account. However, this means that to look at its best, there has to be something in the scene other than the clothing item and the figure for it to reflect. If you find that you need your metals to have more of a glossy sheen, it is a good idea to give them something light to reflect. Set up a few white or light-coloured primitives outside of the camera view, or even above, so the metals have something to reflect; this should liven them up. This is a trick used quite often for car photography and 3D renders, and should work well for you.

Also be aware that the raytraced reflections will make your renders longer. If you want the metal to reflect less, reduce the reflection percentage in your surfaces, or you can change the colour and use a reflection map instead. Finally, remember that good lighting is essential to obtain good raytraced reflections. If you are using Studio’s default lighting, or very low levels of light, or light that doesn’t shine onto the metal, it won’t have the same look as a properly lit scene.

For troubleshooting, render suggestions, and contact details, please download the Death Bringer Readme pdf file

Requred product:

This texture expansion for Death Bringer was released by Arien and Surreality