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M4 Just Natural Vol 1

Requires: Michael 4 Base or Michael 4 Morphs++

Includes: – Poses 45 for Posing DAZ Michael 4 (including default) – Partial Poses for Pose Construction 40 Legs (right and left shins and thighs) 40 Arms (right and left collars, shoulders and forearms) 40 Torso (hip, abdomen and chest) 55 Hands

01-Unitard with morphs 03-Materials and textures for the Unitard

Product pz2 contents version number is set to version 5. None of the content has been tested in Poser 5.

Materials are in two Poser formats mc6 and pz2. PZ2 format should work in DAZ Studio and Poser 5.

Usage Tips or Limitations:

These poses are for DAZ Michael 4 or any Michael 4 base character. Load DAZ Michael 4 then go to the pose section of your program to the sub-folder. Select the desired pose then apply. That’s all there is to it.

Partial pose for arms, legs and torso are intended for personal pose construction and require end user adjustment.

Poses created with IK off. Some poses require limits off.

To move or rotate a figure select the body not the hip.

Using the conforming clothing Select Michael 4, then load the clothing figure as a new figure and use the conform to command in your chosen program.