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    • Activation - Process of switching Triaxes StereoMaster from demo-mode into full-mode.
    • You may use Triaxes StereoMaster in demo-mode for evaluation or any other non-commercial purposes. However, in demo-mode there are some features which do not work or work with restrictions. Please, refer to software documentation for details. In full-mode all features are without restrictions.
    • After Activation you will get free technical support and free program updates within one year.
    • There are two cases when you may need to activate the program:
      • When installing StereoMaster for the first time please do following steps:
        • Install the program
        • Execute it and open the file with activation key
        • When upgrading StereoMaster to a newer version please do following steps:
          • Install new version of the program (update)
          • Execute it and open the file with activation key
      • You can find detailed description of activation procedure below.
        • Activation key and activation file
        • Activation key is necessary for Activation. To receive your activation key, please e-mail to [email protected]. Include your username, purchase date and order number.
        • Activation procedure:
          1. Execute the program. Activation dialog will be displayed. If there is no Activation dialog – the program is already activated. This dialog can also be launched using the menu command Help | Activation.
          2. Click Open Key in the Activation dialog and then select the file with activation key.
          3. Click Activate to finish activation process.
        • If you see the activation failed message, please make sure that the activation code is supplied for the same program that you are activating.
      • If you have any questions, please contact Technical support group via e-mail: [email protected]