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Shades of Atlantis: Cobalt Hierophant

Cobalt Hierophant
Product: Shades of Atlantis: Cobalt Hierophant
Product Code: ps_ac2976b
Programs Supported: Poser 5+, DAZ|Studio
DAZ Original: No
Published Artists: Luthbel
Released: November 2008

Shades of Atlantis: Cobalt Hierophant is a clothing and character combo set for DAZ 3D´s Michael 4. This set includes a complete African character skin, and a fantasy outfit and a hand scythe.

For full size promotional images, visit Cobalt Hierophant Gallery


Hierophant Character

  • 1 Head INJ/REM (M4Hierophant)
  • 1 Complete set of skin textures, including
  • Genitalia
  • Underwear
  • 4 Head Warpaint options
  • 2 Arms Warpaint options
  • 2 Brow color options
  • 4 Eye surface color options

Hierophant Gloves

  • JCMFArmBendL
  • JCMFArmBendR
  • JCMlThmb1Twst
  • JCMrThmb1Twst

Hierophant Hood

  • M4Hierophant
  • HoodDown
  • HoodOverEyes
  • HoodTipLonger
  • HoodUp
  • JCMlShldrBack
  • JCMlShldrBend
  • JCMrShldrBack
  • JCMrShldrBend
  • lHoodIn
  • lHoodRoom
  • rHoodIn
  • rHoodRoom

Hierophant Sandals

Hierophant Skirt

  • AllBackFwd
  • lBackFwd
  • lBackTipBck
  • lLatRoomAll
  • rBackFwd
  • rBackTipBck
  • rLatRoomAll

All the clothes compatible with the following Michael 4 and Hiro 4 Morphs

  • BodyBuilder
  • Bulk
  • HiroBody
  • HiroStylized
  • SuperHero
  • HeadAmerican1
  • HeadAmerican2
  • HeadHiroBase
  • HeadStylized1

4 Hierophant Scythes

2 Hand Poses

26 Poser MATs

30 Standard DAZ Studio MATs

30 DS MATs using PWSurface2

User's Guide

Hierophant is a complete and stand-alone clothing set for DAZ´s Michael 4. You don´t need any other product (with the exception of the Michael 4 original character) to have full use of this set. Anyways, it is fully compatible with some M4 full body morphs, as well as Hiro 4 ones. DAZ|Studio users may benefit of the spacial shader pwSurface2, available at DAZ3D to get better render results using Cobalt Hierophant.

All clothes and props are fully textured and include high quality shaders in both Poser 6+ and DAZ Studio. You only need to conform it to Michael 4, set your favorite lights and cameras, and enjoy renderig.

Cobalt Hierophant is designed with the “easy of use” term in mind. No bodyhandles tweaking is needed at all, figures conform nicely practically in any pose, you only need to put the skirt pendant in the apropiate pose, and have fun rendering.

You have here assistance with some of the features included in Cobalt Hierophant, and you will get some interesting tricks to get stunning results in your renders using this set.

Hierophant Usage and Tips

There are some things to be told about Cobalt Hierophant clothes. This set will fit reasonably well practically any pose, with some positioning of its parts. Some of the work has been automated, for a more comfortable work flow. Others, due to the rigging limitations of Poser, needs to be setup manually. This chapter is dedicated to explain all these ins and outs. You can find here some additional tips and tricks too. This chapter is distributed in sections, each referring to a different figure in the set, for a more practical access. In each section you´ll find that specific figure tips too.

Note that not all figures have explanation. Some of them simply conform to Michael 4 standard bodyparts, so it´s not needed to explain about them.

TIP: When using any Full Body Morph (FBM in future notes) from morph++, or hiro4, be sure to have michael 4 selected before loading EACH clothing figure. It will activate the Super-Conforming feature (crosstalk), and you’ll not need to manually set the values of each FBM.

Important note: When applying the “HoodDown” morph in the hood figure, be sure to apply the pose supplied. You can find it in Libraries:Pose:ShadesOfAtlantis:m4Hierophant:Injectors:Hood. This pose will change the joint parameters of the hood to fit much better in the down position.


This figure, the most ornated and complex of the set, covers all the head and torso of Michael 4. It has been designed specifically to automatically fit Michael 4 moviments (including the hood), without the need of any bodyhandle, and very few fitting morphs.This figure also includes several JCMs, two of them to soften the cloth when M4 moves his arms backwards, and the other two to force the shoulder pads to don´t bend when he moves his arms down.

This figure includes a morph called “HoodDown”, that allows to uncover M4 head. Be sure to apply the Joint Parameter modification pose supplied (explained above, in the bold text paragraph)

TIP: you could notice that it appears some little poke through when m4 twists his head too much to left or right. You have special room morphs to fix this inconvenience.


This figure conforms automatically, but there´re some things to have in mind: the pendant part needs to be placed manually when posing. This figure also includes some fitting morphs to modify the lateral leather panels, and to put the back part closer to the legs for sitting poses. Have in mind that this figure have also been designed to fit M4 in any pose without needing to deal with bodyhandles, just as the hood.

Rendering Hierophant

This chapter explains some tips to get better rendering results in Poser and DAZ Studio, both in lightning setup and render engine usage.


I strongly encourage to use FireFly render engine. This product has been designed and beta tested for use it exclusively with FireFly rendering.

DAZ Studio

For better results, use software render engine, with max render quality. The same Poser lightning procedures may be used in DAZ Studio.

Use DAZ|Studio default renderer settings for your test images. It is quite fast and the results are good enough to see how the final render will look. Here are some more accurated rendering settings. These settings will go to a slow render, but the final quality will be much higher.

Be sure to use Software 3Delight renderer for better results. A good amount of Pixel Samples will render more clean and detailed textures, so I encourage you to play with different settings to get the better results deppending on your system specs. If you’re not going to do intense reflections or refractions, it´s strongly encouraged to reduce the ‘Max Raytrace Depth’ to 1


  • Fits for the Cobalt Hierophant Hood and Skirt to fit with Wildenlander and Paladin and Paragon sets.

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