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Hero FX Xtreme

  • Hero FX Figure - A morphing effects plane (.CR2 and .OBJ)
  • Morphs
    • Height
    • Width
    • Size
    • Taper-B (bottom)
    • Taper-T (top)
    • Taper-L (left)
    • Taper-R (right)
    • Billow-Y
    • Billow-X
    • Bulge
    • Bulge-2
    • Motion R-L
    • Motion T-B
    • InnerWave
    • CurveOut
  • Easy-Guide boxes are part of the figure, enabling you to visually make sure that the effects are facing the right direction in the Poser scene
  • Comes with Special Pose files that attach Ambient Nodes in Poser (version 6+) for enhanced effect
  • Option to Easily adjust Ambient Glow settings for effects, from 25% to 100%, for Poser (version 6+) and DAZ Studio via special MAT files
  • Eighty-Two (82) Individual Effects are included: Flares, Bursts, Swirls, Sparkles, Flashes, Glows and more! (originally 41)
  • Forty (40) Color Gradients are present for coloring your effects. (originally 22)
  • 8 Comic Action Words are included as a special bonus, each in 6 gradient colors: BIFF!, BZZT!, POW!, THWAK!, WHAM!, ZOT! and two punctuations (! and ?)
  • For layered words and emphasis there is also an excitement bubble in 6 gradient colors and 3 transparency styles
  • Hero FX Xtreme is Flat-Mapped, allowing you easily add your own self-created effects and color schemes. Any square texture and transparency that fits inside of a 1:1 square will work
  • You can easily use multiple FX2 figures in the same scene and even layer them (place one slightly in front of the other) for endless possibilities!
  • Poser 5+ MAT Poses to Apply All Options (.PZ2)

Visual Guide