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Qain Hair


Product: Qain Hair
Product Code: ps_ac3051
DAZ Original: Yes
Created by: AprilYSH

Product Information

Qain Hair by AprilYSH is a poly modelled hair prop available at

The hair comes in obj format with jpg colour, bump and transparency maps useable in many 3d applications. The package comes with Poser and DAZ|Studio presets with morphs and material presets included.
See product page for feature list.

The preset fits are for DAZ3d Hiro 4, Michael 4, Victoria 4, Aiko 4, Michael 3, Hiro 3, Victoria 3, Aiko 3, David 3, Stephanie Petite 3, Luke, Laura, Matt, Maddie, Millennium Baby 3 and Apollo Maximus

Poser Instructions

In Poser content browser, you will find the items in:
Hair > AprilYSH
Pose > AprilYSH > AprilQain

To use the hair:

  1. Load your human figure
  2. Load the hair
  3. Apply fit pose for your human figure 1)
  4. Use custom fit dials if you have customised your base figure. For example, if you have Aiko with Realistic set to 0.6 then set the hair's Realistic dial also to 0.6
  5. Apply materials and/or modify them for your own use.

DAZ|Studio Instructions

There is no separate DAZ Studio installer for these Presets. DAZ Studio will automatically apply the DAZ Studio version of the Materials Presets, giving you the correct DAZ Studio look.

Please refer to the Poser instructions as the usage of this item is the same in DAZ|Studio.

Useage Tips

  1. You can easily change hair colours by selecting your own diffuse colour settings for the hair.
  2. After posing, use the morph dials to ensure the neck fits.


EULA & Support

DAZ Productions, INC. End User License Agreement (EULA):

Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

DAZ Productions Technical Support
12637 South 265 West #300
Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777
FAX:(801) 495-1787
TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170

File Listing

Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\0 DS.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\0 DS.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit Aiko3Hiro3.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit Aiko3Hiro3.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit Aiko4.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit Aiko4.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit Apollo.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit Apollo.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit David3StephP3.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit David3StephP3.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit Hiro4.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit Hiro4.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit Luke3Laura3.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit Luke3Laura3.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit Matt3Maddie3.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit Matt3Maddie3.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit Michael3.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit Michael3.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit Michael4.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit Michael4.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit MilBaby3.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit MilBaby3.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit Victoria3.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit Victoria3.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit Victoria4.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\1 fit Victoria4.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\2 M Black.ds
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\2 M Black.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\2 M Black.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\2 M Blonde.ds
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\2 M Blonde.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\2 M Blonde.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\2 M Brown.ds
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\2 M Brown.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\2 M Brown.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\2 M Grey.ds
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\2 M Grey.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\2 M Grey.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\2 M Red.ds
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\2 M Red.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\2 M Red.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\3 D ash.ds
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\3 D ash.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\3 D ash.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\3 D red.ds
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\3 D red.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\3 D red.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\3 D xBlackBlue.ds
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\3 D xBlackBlue.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\3 D xBlackBlue.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\3 D xBlackRed.ds
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\3 D xBlackRed.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\3 D xBlackRed.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\3 D xBlackWhite.ds
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\3 D xBlackWhite.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\3 D xBlackWhite.pz2
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\3 D xPurpleGreen.ds
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\3 D xPurpleGreen.png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AprilYSH\AprilQain\3 D xPurpleGreen.pz2


  • Texture templates available for download on the product page.
If there is no fit pose for your selected figure, this hair may be fitted to others by selecting the hair then using the scale and translate dials plus morph dials for custom characters.