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Hiro's Heroes - The Magical 86

Hiro's Heroes - The Magical 86 for Hiro 4 by dorkati-GHD Hiro's Heroes - The Magical 86 for Hiro 4 by dorkati is available at

86 is one of the atomic numbers of the noble gases. Those are magic numbers for electron structure stability. And 86 is magic number for Hiro now. You got 86 character presets for Hiro 4 - using with Michael Morphs++ -, to save the World with Hiro's Heroes. Go and start playing with them.

Set includes:

  • 86 character presets (.PZ2)
    • set values only
    • need to inject all Hiro 4 and Michael 4 morphs++ at first
  • 86 INJ-REM character files for Hiro 4(.PZ2)
    • set back default Hiro 4
    • REM files only remove Michael 4 morphs ++ deltas, not any Hiro deltas, but set all values
  • 86 INJ-REM character files for Michael 4(.PZ2)
    • inject and remove all Hiro 4 and M4 morphs ++ deltas and set all values
  • 1 reset face (.PZ2)


Hold down left mouse button and move left and right for manual scrolling.   <iframe src="" name="Hiro's Heroes - The Magical 86 - GHD" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" frameborder="0" height="440" scrolling="auto" width="440"> </iframe>