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M4 Neanderthal Evolution

Required Products: M4 and M4++ morphs

The history of Man has taken many turns, from our ancient past this neanderthal returns, and follows his own path of evolution to become the man he could have been.

Product Includes:

• One Classic Neanderthal Texture
• One Modern Neanderthal Texture
• One Neanderthal Genital Texture

• One Neanderthal head Inj/Rem morph
• One Brute head Inj/Rem morph
• One Neanderthal Body Inj/Rem morph
• One Brute Body Inj/Rem morph
• Three Face Inj/Rem ++ morphs

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
For Morphs, Look in the “POSE” folder in the “Raw_M4/M4Neander” folder.
For D/S and P5 MATS, Look in the “POSE” folder in the “Raw_M4/M4Neander” folder.
For Material Files, Look in the “Materials” folder in the “Raw_M4/M4Neander” folder.

And for those who enjoy the Zone-D Collector Card game, here is a sample card for your collection, please feel free to print and play as you desire. (for personal use only)