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Michael Football Gear


Thanks you for purchasing the Michael Football Gear.

In “Michael's Clothing” of your Figures library, “ALT FB Face Mask”,“DAZ's Michael Football”, and “MAT Michael Football” of your Poses library and “Michael's Clothing” of your Props Library you will find new icons for loading the product.

This product uses MAT Pose files for changing the Material Settings. Please refer to for more information on Your Poses library and MAT files.

In your Poser Library, under the “Figures\Michael's Clothing” tab, you'll find the 4 new figures that make up the Michael Football Gear (FB Helmet, FB Left Cleat, FB Right CLeat, FB Uniform); and under the “Props\DAZ Sporting Goods” folder you'll find the included Football Prop. The “MAT Michael Football” folder in your Pose directory contains poses to apply the texture and bump maps as well as poses to change the visibility (VIS) for various parts of the Football Gear.

We've done some new things with the Michael Football Gear set.

First, we have included a new type of pose file called an ALT pose. These poses allow you to change/swap out the facemask of the helmet. These files are located in the Pose directory under the title “ALT FB Helmet Mask”.

Second, we have included VIS poses to turn some of Michael's body parts invisible and prevent him from poking through the Football Uniform. These new VIS poses are found in the Pose directory with the MAT poses in “MAT Michael Football”.

Third, we decided to include a PSD file with different layers set up for each number on the jersey. These layers can be combined to get any 2 digit number combination for the jersey numbers. There is also a layer with a guide to show where the correct placement of text should go for any name that could be printed on the jersey. Once you have decided what the jersey numbers and/or name should be you will need to save out a JPEG file and add the texture map manually through the Poser Materials Editor. This PSD file is called “FBUniformM.psd” and can be found in the “Runtime\Textures\DAZ\DAZClothing\MilMan\Football” folder with the other included textures for the football uniform.

For further technical support questions or concerns, please email [email protected]

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

DAZ 3D Tech Support Team
[email protected]
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Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777
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