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Atmospheric Clouds for DAZ Studio

To find the new texture presets, go to the DAZ Studio half of your content tab. Then go to Bryce Shaders –> Atmospherics –> Clouds (Volume). There you will find the 20 presets.

CONTENT TAB —> Studio –> Bryce Shaders –> Atmospherics –> Clouds (Volume)

To apply a shader to an object, select the object in the View Port or in the Scene Tab. Then, (as with all shaders in DAZ Studio), you should also select the surfaces. To find the surfaces, go to the Surfaces Tab, (VIEW –> Tabs –> Surfaces). Then highlight all the surfaces for that object which you want to apply the shader to.

Now double-click the desired shader in the content tab. You should see the object change to a different shade in the view port. You will not see the shader in the View Port. There is no full preview for shaders, especially volumetric shaders. You will only see the shader in the rendered picture or animation.

You should also put at least one light into the scene to see the true effect of the shader when you render. Since this shader is volumetric, rendering time will be noticeably increased.