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3D Content Database 2


  • Product Code: ps_ap231b
  • DAZ Original: NO
  • Created By: Imagination Illustrated (with scripts by OrcaSoul & Geoff)
  • Released: Feb 26, 2009



It is vital that you DO NOT open a database (BBD file) from a previous version.

Because of its new features and fields, Version 2 is NOT compatible with 3D Content Database Version 1, 1.1, or 1.2.

  • Install the 3D Content Database 2 by running the setup program but do not uninstall the old version. (The two programs will not overwrite each other.) Create a new database in version 2 and then press F1 to bring up the User's manual. It has complete instructions about how to safely update your data using Web Catalogs and scripts. It also has a step-by-step Quick Start section.


  • Install 3D Content Database 2 by running the setup program. The first time you open the program, you will need to create a database. Select “Create new database…” from the menu options. (If you don't know what to name the new file, try something like My3DContent, StarterDatabase, DAZStuff, or PoserInventory.)
  • When the starter database loads, check it out. Press F1 to bring up the User's manual. It has complete instructions about how to use your new program, including how to use OrcaSoul's DAZHistory script to import your entire DAZ purchase history, with an image for each product!


Artist's Note

Special thanks are extended to OrcaSoul and Geoff. Your scripts made 3DCDB2 much better than the first version.

Thank you to everyone whose patience, feedback, and encouragement helped bring this product to market. :)

I hope you enjoy the upgrade. A lot of work went into making it easy to use, efficient, and flexible enough to work for those with large and small 3D content collections.

SCRIPTS NOT WORKING PROPERLY? OrcaSoul has kept them up to date. Please get updates from his website (follow link below). He also has others to help speed data entry and keep your database current.


Website Contacts / Support:

File List

There is only one file to download.


Single Zip Contains 4 Files:

  • 3DCBD2Setup.exe (13.9M)
  • DAZHistory2Setup.exe (3.9M)
  • Web2XML2Setup.exe (2.71)
  • README or you'll be sorry.txt


DAZ Scripts

Because of the changes to the My Account pages from June 2009, it is necessary to download the updated scripts and install them.

The new scripts are available at OrcaTools.
Please create an account and go to the products page.

The DAZ History Download Script is free for owners of the 3DCDB database program by using a coupon code.
The DAZ Wishlist Download Script and the DAZ Available Download Script are also free until July 1 2010 by using the same coupon.

The Documentation for OrcaTools Scripts is available as Microsoft Word Document and online.

More Scripts

For the following vendors are scripts available at OrcaTools.

  • DAZ 3D
  • content paradise
  • Renderosity
  • Runtime DNA
  • Vanishing Point

Also available are some utility scripts and the documentation for the scripts.

You need to create an account, to purchase the scripts.

Support for the scripts you get in The OrcaTools User Forum.
An registration for the forum is also necessary, because it is independent from the account in the store.