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====== Lost Realms for M4/H4 ======

The children of the sea are found in legends and faerie tales along every coastline in the world. Dating back to the earliest written records from ancient Sumeria their tales have fascinated artists through the ages. Now is your chance to swim with them for a while.

  • MerTail with Morphs for M4++ and Hiro (.CR2 and .OBJ)
  • Trident Prop (.PP2 and .OBJ)
  • Easypose Dials Located in hip1 for Easy Posing of the Tail
  • Textures: 4 High-Resolution Texture Sets
  • MAT Poses for Easy Application
  • Texture Add-Ons for the Other Lost Realms Tails Will Work with the M4 Version
  • FinMorphs: Fin_Shape1, Fin_Shape2, TailFin_Long, TailFin_Shape2, TailFin_Shape3, HipFins_Shape1, HipFins_Shape2, HipFins_Shape3, HipFins_Shape4, HipFins_Shape5
  • AdjustmentMorphs: AdjustWaist, AdjustThighs, AdjustHips, AdjustButtocks
  • M4 Morphs : Bulk, BodyBuilder, Smooth, Emaciated, Heavy, BeerBelly, Young, SuperHero, Thin, Jeremy, TorsoThickness, StomachDepth, BellyThickness, BellySmooth, BellyThin, WaistWidth, HipsSize, TummyOut, ThighsThickness, GluteRaiseL, GluteRaiseR, GlutesSize, ThighsTone
  • Hiro : HiroBody, HiroStylized, HiroRealistic, HiroBuilt

Hair used in promo: Gloria hair by Neftis