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V4 Tribal Evolution

Required Products: V4 and V4++ morphs

Behind every strong man, there is a stronger woman. This set contains enough warrior women to encompas many generations and tribes of these dominant damsels. Spanning a timescape from our distant cave dwelling ancestors to modern night-club divas.

Product Includes:

• One Classic Neanderthal Skin Texture
• One Neanderthal Painted Skin Texture
• One Northern Painted Skin Texture
• One Native Painted Skin Texture
• One Polar Painted Skin Texture
• One Goth Painted Skin Texture
• One Clean Skin Texture

• One Slim Warrior Inj/Rem ++morph
• One Bulky Warrior Inj/Rem ++morph
• One Neanderthal Body Inj/Rem ++morph
• One Custom Neanderthal Head Inj/Rem morph

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
For Morphs, Look in the “POSE” folder in the “Raw_V4/V4Evolution” folder.
For D/S and P5 MATS, Look in the “POSE” folder in the “Raw_V4/V4Evolution” folder.
For Material Files, Look in the “Materials” folder in the “Raw_V4/V4Evolution” folder.

And for those who enjoy the Zone-D Collector Card game, here is a sample card for your collection, please feel free to print and play as you desire. (for personal use only)