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Kingdom Of Marrakesh By Night - DS Light Set


Product: Kingdom Of Marrakesh By Night - DS Light Set
DAZ Original: YES
Created By: Dreamlight
Released: 2009-03-17

Product Information

  • Required Products: Kingdom of Marrakesh

Product Notes

* Notes from the artist:
* You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
* “Environments:Architecture:Dreamlight:K of Mar Light Set ”

* To use this light set, you need Redhouse Studios Kingdom Of Marrakesh, found at
* After installing, the light set can be found in your Content Tab, under (s)Studio, Dreamlight and K of Mar Light Set.
* To load the light set, you can choose between 4 presets (!Preload A-D) or several icons controlling invdividual parts of the light set.
* Each icon shows the top view of the prop and where the lights will load. When you combine several icons, be sure to load the MAIN lighting first. This is to be able to use the Open GL preview feature in DAZ Studio. If you load other icons, you might end up in a very dark looking scene during design time.
* All the presets (!Preload A-D) feature main lights, ambient lights, sky backdrop as well as several other lights as indicated by the icons.
* As an option, you can load the ground fog.
* To customize the light set, you can delete the parts you don´t want to use in the Scene Tab and simply double click on any other icons to add more lighting where you need it.

* The promo images on feature a glow effect achieved in Photoshop. This can be added in most 2D packages that enable the use of layers. To get the glow effect in Photoshop:
- Load your render in Photoshop
- Adjust contrast to 17
- Duplicate the layer and select the copy
- Adjust the contrast of that new layer to 60 and brightness to -30.
- Add Gussian Blur at around 10-15 pixels (depending on the size of your render)
- Select Screen Blending mode

* If you need any further help with your product, please post on the free Dreamlight technical forum:

Resolved Issues

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Known Issues

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File Listing

\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\!PreloadA.daz
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\!PreloadA.daz.png
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\!PreloadB.daz
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\!PreloadB.daz.png
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\!PreloadC.daz
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\!PreloadC.daz.png
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\!PreloadD.daz
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\!PreloadD.daz.png
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\Ambient.daz
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\Ambient.daz.png
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\Center.daz
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\Center.daz.png
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\East Corridor.daz
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\East Corridor.daz.png
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\East Tower.daz
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\East Tower.daz.png
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\Ground Fog.daz
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\Ground Fog.daz.png
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\Main.daz
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\Main.daz.png
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\North Corridor.daz
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\North Corridor.daz.png
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\North East Tower.daz
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\North East Tower.daz.png
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\North Entrance.daz
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\North Entrance.daz.png
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\North West Tower.daz
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\North West Tower.daz.png
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\Panoramic Sky.daz
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\Panoramic Sky.daz.png
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\South Corridor.daz
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\South Corridor.daz.png
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\South East Tower.daz
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\South East Tower.daz.png
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\South Entrance.daz
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\South Entrance.daz.png
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\South West Tower.daz
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\South West Tower.daz.png
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\West Corridor.daz
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\West Corridor.daz.png
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\West Tower.daz
\Environments\Architecture\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\West Tower.daz.png
\Runtime\textures\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\KofMar_FogMap.jpg
\Runtime\textures\Dreamlight\K of Mar Light Set\KofMar_Sky6.jpg