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Carrara 7 Express


Product: Carrara 7 Express
Cycle: Public Release
Build: 7.0
Released: December 11, 2008

Product Information

  • Required Products: None


Feature Additions

* UV Editing - Includes a new UV Editor that shows a 3D view of the polygon mesh, a 2D display of the UV values on the polygon mesh vertices, and a set of tools to manipulate them. You can choose from 4 different projection methods to use for custom mapping.
* LOD support for Content Figures - Includes support for Content Figures that have multiple Levels of Detail (LOD). You can use lower resolution LOD figures in your viewport to enhance performance and then render with a higher resolution LOD figure for the best quality. If you have multiple figures in the scene you can enhance performance by reducing the mesh resolution on those figures that are further away from the camera and don't require as much detail. Carrara 7.0 provides advanced auto-switching capabilities that will automatically switch between higher and lower LOD figures based on distance from the camera. As the figure or the camera is moved within the scene, the system determines which figure to use based on user determined preference settings.
* Vertex Modeling in Assembly Room - The Vertex Modeling capabilities that were previously only available in the “Modeling” room are now available in the “Assembly” room. This enhancement saves time by allowing you to perform modeling functions in the assembly room where other objects can also be seen.
* Transparency Optimizations for Rendering - Time consuming and complex transparency rendering operations have been optimized in Carrara 7.0 to provide better and faster results.
* Larger Textures in OpenGL Display - Provides the ability to increase the texture size that is displayed in the Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) or viewport. The settings are based on what texture size your graphics board will support and can be adjusted for performance or quality (up to 4096×4096).
* NLA Track Groups - When using Carrara for creating animations, this new grouping tool provides an improved interface to create groups of tracks then collapse or expand the tracks in those groups. This new tool helps you optimize the screen space so you can focus on your animation.
* COLLADA Export - Figures and scenes can now be exported in COLLADA format. Currently only available for PCs.
* DAZ Studio Content Support Improvements - Includes enhanced the handling of .DAZ scene files being loaded into Carrara 7.0. Requires DAZ Studio Build or higher.

Resolved Issues

* Sound clips and Mimic animation is limited to just over 24 seconds each.
* Sound Track/Clips Delete using right click menu doesn't work.
* Playing a 12/16 bit aiff on windows causes an error.
* Importing some IGES files crashes Carrara.
* Weight Painting display is broken on the Mac in some cases.
* Image maps in leaves don't render at full resolution.
* Feature size slider is inoperable on mountain filter.

Known Issues

  • None


* To add a vertex object and edit that new object in the Assembly room:
- Click on the vertex object in the tool bar.
- Click in the scene where you want the object added –> Carrara will add the new vertex object and switch to edit mode.
* To add a vertex object and edit that new object in the Modeling room:
- Click on the vertex object in the tool bar.
- Drag the vertex object from the tool bar to the scene where you want the object added –> Carrara will add the new vertex object and switch to the Modeling Room.


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