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Dynamic Tablecloth


Product: Dynamic Tablecloth
Product Code: ds_ac022
DAZ Original: Yes
Created by: OptiTex
Released: April 21, 2009

Product Information

Required Products: DAZ Studio or higher

Product Notes

Notes from the artist:

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “Dynamic Clothing Props\TableCloth”
    • “Dynamic Clothing Props\TableCloth\Materials”

Known Issues

  • None


Beginner's Guide

In DAZ Studio, load the dynamic table cloth into the scene. You'll see the cloth suspended like a disc in the air. Place something under the cloth to 'catch' it during the drape simulation. If you have nothing handy, go to CREATE –> Create Primitive and make a 1.5m tall cylinder with 0.5 diameter. Leave the other stuff on the default and create the cylinder. Ideally the object used should be smaller around than the table cloth, since a flat piece of fabric on a large, flat surface is not terribly dynamic.

Now that you have the cylinder in the scene, select the table cloth. Highlight the Table Cloth in the Scene Tab (VIEW –> Tabs –> Scene).

We'll need to be able to tell DAZ Studio to do the “drape.” Open the Dynamic Clothing Tab. Go to VIEW –> Tabs –> Dynamic Clothing. We'll keep it simple and use the default settings. Click on the 'Drape' button and sit back to watch the simulation. The cloth should slowly descend and then wrap onto the surface. Now it's done and you can render.

Of course, you can do a lot more than just this, but the above will let you see the essentials of the dynamic cloth in DAZ Studio and encourage to enjoy it.

For dynamic clothing, you need to use 'Fit to' so that the outfit is fit to the human figure. Then the basic procedure is the same as above. Select the outfit and click 'Drape.' Of course, there are ways you can tweak the drape simulation and the pdf and WIKI tell you about that.
AN IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use the Human Surface Shader, make sure to apply the HSS to the figures and surfaces BEFORE you do the drape simulation with dynamic cloth. Unfortunately, if you do it in the other order, DAZ Studio will abruptly crash. We are aware of this issue and expect to resolve it in a future manifestation of the software.

How to Change the Shape

You can change the shape of the table cloth from circular to square in the Dynamic Clothing Tab. Select the Table Cloth in the Scene Tab. Then go to the Dynamic Clothing Tab (VIEW –> Tabs –> Dynamic Clothing). Find the drop-down on the lower half of the tab where you can change the setting from 'round' to 'square.'

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Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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File Listing

\data\Round Table Cloth-120cm_6807_Object\Round Table Cloth-120cm_6807_Shape\geometry.dso

\data\Round Table Cloth-120cm_6807_Object\Round Table Cloth-120cm_6807_Shape\maps\optitexUVs.dsv

\data\Round Table Cloth-120cm_6807_Object\Round Table Cloth-120cm_6807_Shape\maps\uv.dsv

\data\Round Table Cloth-120cm_6807_Object\Round Table Cloth-120cm_6807_Shape\uvs\default.dsv

\data\Round Table Cloth-120cm_6807_Object\Square Table Cloth-120cm_8649_Shape\geometry.dso

\data\Round Table Cloth-120cm_6807_Object\Square Table Cloth-120cm_8649_Shape\maps\optitexUVs.dsv

\data\Round Table Cloth-120cm_6807_Object\Square Table Cloth-120cm_8649_Shape\maps\uv.dsv

\data\Round Table Cloth-120cm_6807_Object\Square Table Cloth-120cm_8649_Shape\uvs\default.dsv

\Dynamic Clothing Props\TableCloth\TableCloth.daz

\Dynamic Clothing Props\TableCloth\TableCloth.daz.png

\Dynamic Clothing Props\TableCloth\Materials\Lace.ds

\Dynamic Clothing Props\TableCloth\Materials\Lace.ds.png

\Dynamic Clothing Props\TableCloth\Materials\Picnic Checkers.ds

\Dynamic Clothing Props\TableCloth\Materials\Picnic Checkers.ds.png

\Dynamic Clothing Props\TableCloth\Materials\Quilt Block.ds

\Dynamic Clothing Props\TableCloth\Materials\Quilt Block.ds.png

\Dynamic Clothing Props\TableCloth\Materials\Red Plaid.ds

\Dynamic Clothing Props\TableCloth\Materials\Red Plaid.ds.png














  • There is no texture template available for download, but the texture shapes that this product uses are a plain square for the square table cloth and a plain circle for the round table cloth.