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Thunder River

Product: Thunder River
Product Code: ps_ac3424b
DAZ Original: NO
Created By: Nerd3D
Released: August 10, 2009

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Extra animation poses for the Water Fall Tool when used in Thunder River. I had a question about animating the Thunder River Falls. It had never dawned on me till then to include animated poses with the set. So here you go. This zip contains both the Poser and Studio poses. Just choose the appropriate folder in the zip and extract the contents to where ever you installed Thunder River.
Thunder Falls Pose


Whether you use it by it's self or with the Nerd3D Water Fall Tool, Thunder River is a breath taking river setting. It's ideal for all your white water needs in Poser and DAZ Studio.

The Thunder River set is designed to work perfectly with the Water Fall Tool and includes four poses to setup the water fall in the set. Now you can stage those slapstick 'raft over the falls' moments or allow your hero to escape capture by diving to safety!

This set is huge with nearly 600 feet of river frontage and two bends. You'll have plenty of room to stage your scene and position the camera.


  • Thunder River Set
    • 3 Animated Poses to Setup Ripples in the Water
    • 4 Poses to Setup the Water Fall Tool
    • 21 Materials
      • 2 River Materials With and Without Displacement
      • 7 Basic Water Materials
        • Mapped Blue
        • Mapped Clear
        • Mapped Green
        • Mapped Muddy
        • Transparent Blue
        • Transparent Clear
        • Transparent Green
      • 6 Ray Trace Material
        • Amazon (Tea Color)
        • Colorado (Muddy)
        • Danube (Blue)
        • Green (Green)
        • Nile (White)
        • Orinoco (Clear)
      • 4 Mapped and Ray Traced
        • Eel River (Flood Waters)
        • Mokelumne River (Blue with Foam)
        • Sacramento River (Green with Foam)
        • Smith River (Clear with Foam)
      • 2 Bonus Materials for the Water Fall Tool
        • Muddy Falls
        • Extra Muddy Falls
    • 24 Texture Maps (26 for Studio Version) Up to 4000 x 4000 resolution
    • Complete Discrete Installations for Studio and Poser
    • Compatible With All Other Nerd3D Effects Tools

Bring Your Own Life Jacket

Recommended Render Settings

This set is quite large and it has a high polygon count. It also uses high resolution texture and ray traced materials. In short it will tax your system. Conservative render settings will help you get good results without waiting ages for a render.

You must use the software render in Studio and Poser the OpenGL preview render won't give you good results. All the promo images were rendered using setting like these.


In Poser why are there weird shadows in the water below the falls? That's Poser's built in ground plane. [ctrl]+G to toggle it off.

Why don't the Studio water materials use displacement for ripples? Studio doesn't like mixing displacement with reflection and refraction. It renders very slowly. If you want displaced ripples simply add the included displacement map N3DTurbulence.jpg it's in …\Runtime\Textures\Nerd3D\ThndFalls set the displacement value to 100% and +5.0. The non-raytraced materials use this map.