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Netherworks' Folder Favorites provides an easy and concise way to navigate through content folders (View Folders List or Tree views) by utilizing a unified Favorites folder where shortcut 'scripts' to other folders are created and kept. Think of it as a central repository for all of you most used locations all inside a “Favorites” content folder.

Furthermore, you have the option to instead create a new Folder under the Main Menu Bar that would give you a drop-down of all your favorite folders.

Both DAZ Studio 2 and 3 versions are included.


Product Documentation is freely available as an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file. It is short, illustrated and to-the-point.

Folder Favorites Guide

(right-click and choose “save as” to save locally)

Tricks and Tips

Here are some additional clever ways to use this product. Instructions are written using Windows.

Assign Shortcuts for Quick Access

After Activating Folder Favorites, open the DS Customize Menu (F3) and Expand the “Custom” branch.

Look for “Browse to Favorites” and “Create Folder Favorite”. You can easily right-click each of these and select “Change Keyboard Shortcut”. DAZ Studio will let you know if the shortcut is already in use, but you can override any keys in use.

In my case, I chose Control-F for a quick-jump to the Favorites Folder and Control-Shift-F for Creating a new favorite. I believe these are framing shortcuts but I'd rather use them for Folder Favorites :-)

Jump to Folder Menu

This one takes a little bit of preparation but the end result is a “Go To” or “Jump To” Folder Menu for each of your main Content Directories that you can put just about anywhere.

First a screenshot of my Go To Folder Menu, which contains all of my core DAZ Studio content folders and Poser Runtimes:

I have this cascading off of the Menu that resides in the Content (Library) Tab and even if I am many folders deep, I can quickly jump back to any top-level content or runtime folder.

Go into content List Mode. You should see all of your content and runtimes listed on the far left. For each one, highlight it and “Create Folder Favorite” using the following options:

Obviously, for “Name of the Folder Shortcut:” you are going to enter the name of the Folder you currently have selected. In the second box make sure “Add to Main DS Menu Instead?” is checked. For Menu name, you *could* leave it as Favorites but if you want it under a different Main Menu heading, you can put a different name in here, such as Folders (no matter what you choose here, be sure to use the same Menu Name for each of your content/runtime folders for this trick).

Okay, after you have added each one, you will notice that the “Folders” menu is now on the Main DS Menu with all of your top-level content folders listed. If that works for you, you can stop here :-)

To make it cascade somewhere else, as I have done, you need to create a new menu somewhere, such as on the Content Palette.

Open Customize under Edit (F3) and expand Custom.

All of your new shortcuts are listed there.

On the right side of the Customize window look for a tab named “Menus”. Expand the “Content Tab Menu” entry. Right-Click “Content Tab Menu” and select Add SubMenu. Here you want to name this something like “Go To Folder…”

Now you should be able to drag your folder shortcuts from Actions on the left side of Customize to Go To Folder… on the right. You can order them however they make sense to you.

To get more assistance with this fine product, visit Netherworks' website: