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Gothika Shrine


Product: Gothika Shrine
DAZ Original: YES
Created By: Arki
Released: 2009-09-26

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

Product Notes

* Notes from the artist:
* You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
* Figures: “AK Gothika”
* Pose: “AK Gothika:GothikaShrine”

* An important note for Poser 6 users!
* First of all - please turn off texture filtering when rendering the GothikaShrine in FireFly Renderer. Otherwise, you might get some undesireable results.
* The following render settings were used in the promo images and should bring you very good results:
* * Cast Shadows - ON or OFF (this depends on your image)
* * Texture Filtering - OFF
* * Raytracing - ON or OFF (this is also depending on your image)
* * Raytrace Bounces - 0
* * Min Shading Rate - 0,20 (you can lower this even more if details don't look as good as you have expected)
* * Pixel Samples - 5
* * Max Texture Size - 2000 (lower it for smaller images or images in which you don't show anything close - but closeups need a large texture size)
* * Max Bucket Size - 64 (you can lower this if your computer is not able to handle it well, 32 is a common setting here)
* * Smooth Polygons - OFF
* * Use Displacement Maps - ON or OFF
* * Just leave the rest the way it is
* When using the P4 renderer in P6 you may find black dots or stripes in the textures. This seems to be connected to the bumpmap settings of the MATs and will only appear when using the P4-renderer. For best results, use the FireFly-renderer of P6 .

* The GothikaShrine was made as an accessory figure for your fantasy or gothic inspired renders. It comes as an articulated figure, with moveable doors and cover parts.
* Inspired by medieval portable altars, this special furniture is high res enough to stand up to closeup renders.
* Several MATs were included to use. You get two full color schemes in brownred and gold or blueblack and silver plus MATs for exchangeable doors and cover parts. Materials for DS 2 and 3 were included as well, featuring displacement and raytreced reflection options.

* Material Presets for DAZ Studio and Poser now Consolidated
* DAZ Studio Users:
* You will no longer need to go to a separate DAZ Studio folder to apply the DAZ Studio Material Presets. Simply apply the MAT Pose from the Poser Pose→ “AK Gothika:GothikaShrine” directory .
* There is no longer a separate DAZ Studio installer for the DAZ Studio Presets.
* Poser Users:
* It is recommended that you do not delete the .DS files from within the product's MAT Pose directory. They will not show up as extra files within Poser, but are required to use the product with DAZ Studio 2.0 and 3.0.

Resolved Issues

  • None

Known Issues

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Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777
FAX:(801) 495-1787
TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170

File Listing

\Runtime\Libraries\Character\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine.cr2
\Runtime\Libraries\Character\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine.png
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\00 - Shrine.png
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\00 - Shrine.pz2
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\01 Shrine 1.ds
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\01 Shrine 1.png
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\01 Shrine 1.pz2
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\01 Shrine 2.ds
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\01 Shrine 2.png
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\01 Shrine 2.pz2
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\02 - Covers&Doors.png
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\02 - Covers&Doors.pz2
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\03 Cover 1.ds
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\03 Cover 1.png
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\03 Cover 1.pz2
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\03 Cover 2.ds
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\03 Cover 2.png
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\03 Cover 2.pz2
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\03 Door 1.ds
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\03 Door 1.png
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\03 Door 1.pz2
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\03 Door 2.ds
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\03 Door 2.png
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\03 Door 2.pz2
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\04 - Covers Glass.png
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\04 - Covers Glass.pz2
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\05 Covers T1.ds
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\05 Covers T1.png
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\05 Covers T1.pz2
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\05 Covers T2.ds
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\05 Covers T2.png
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\AK Gothika\GothikaShrine\05 Covers T2.pz2