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Professional Video Camera

Product: Professional Video Camera
Product Code: 9878
Vendor: Age of Armour

Product Information

The Professional Video Camera contains files and versions for:

  • Poser 5 and higher
  • DAZ Studio 2 and higher
  • Carrara 6.2 and higher

There are 2 installers: (as they appear in your downloads)

  • Professional Video Camera: Includes the individual figures, material presets and all common files needed for Poser, DAZ Studio and Carrara.
  • Professional Video Camera - Carrara Shaders: Contains only the Carrara shaders.


All Users

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
    • Figures: “Age Of Armour\Video Camera”
    • Pose: “Age Of Armour\Video Camera”
    • To place the video camera in the hand of Michael 4 or Victoria 4, parent the camera to the figure's right hand node then select the camera and apply the Cam-to-Hand pose appropriate for your figure.
    • For your convenience ERC dials have been placed on the root node of the camera for all major morphs and joint controls.

Poser Users

  • Poser users need only install the regular “dpc” installer.

DAZ Studio Users

  • DAZ Studio users need only install the regular “dpc” installer.
  • Simply apply the MAT Pose from the Poser Pose→ “Age Of Armour\Video Camera” directory and DS 2 and higher will automatically apply a DAZ Studio specific version of the material.

Carrara Users

  • Carrara users should install both the Video Camera Poser/DS/common files and the Carrara files.
  • The video camera figure and poses can be loaded from the runtime content browser.
  • Carrara optimized Shaders can be found under “Presets\Shaders\AgeOfArmour\Studio Paris”