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Nerd3D's Torafu

Product: Nerd3D's Torafu
Product Code: ps_ac3634b
DAZ Original: NO
Created By: Nerd3D
Released: November 16, 2009


Beware this tigress! She is as dangerous as she is beautiful. The Torafu costume is designed to fit Victoria 4, Aiko 4, the Girl 4, and the Elite body shapes. It includes arm bands, boots and the corset all in the unique style of belts and buckles representing the tiger's stripes!

FAQ and Tips

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
    • Figures: “Nerd 3D\Torauf”
    • Materials: “Nerd 3D\Torauf”
    • Pose: “Nerd 3D\Torauf”
  • DAZ Studio 2 Users need to use the “Hide Handles” pose prior to rendering.
  • These are Superconforming clothing figures. Be sure to select the hip or body of the target figure before loading each clothing item for correct operation of the matching morphs.
  • Poser users need to magnetize all pieces.
  • Please use the included foot pose to set the feet and toes to the correct pose.
  • All figures contain JCM Override controls in the body of the item. If you have poke through issues in some poses adjusting these may help.

The Skirt does not conform when I move the legs of the figure, Why is that? The skirt uses a technique called “Body Handles” for posing. This is the way the skirt is designed to work it does not conform below the waist. There are 5 posing handles (displayed as cones near the knees of your figure) These can be used to position the skirt with much more style and artistic freedom than could be achieved with a regular conforming skirt. Use the center “skirt” handle to get the skirt in the general position of the legs then use the front, back and sides to fine tune the pose. There are also several morphs to further aid in achieving the perfect pose on the skirt.

What does Torafu mean? It's Japanese for Tiger's stripes.

Torafu Features

<li>Torafu Outfit for Victoria 4: (.CR2 and .OBJ)
 </li><li>Supported Morphs:
   <li>Aiko 4
    * Girl 4
    * V4 Elite
   </li><li>Morphs ++
     </li><li>Body Builder
     </li><li>Areola Perk
     </li><li>Breast Cleavage
     </li><li>Breast Diameter
     </li><li>Breast Flatten
     </li><li>Breast Hang Forward
     </li><li>Breast Implant
     </li><li>Breast Large
     </li><li>Breast Natural
     </li><li>Breast Perk
     </li><li>Breast Size
     </li><li>Nipple Depth
     </li><li>Nipple Height
     </li><li>Belly Thickness
     </li><li>Belly Smooth
     </li><li>Belly Thin
     </li><li>Hips Crest
     </li><li>Hips Size
     </li><li>Stomach Depth
     </li><li>Torso Thickness
     </li><li>Tummy Out
     </li><li>Waist Size
     </li><li>Glute Size
     </li><li>Glute Raise Right
     </li><li>Glute Raise Left
     </li><li>Arm Size
     </li><li>Biceps Flex
     </li><li>Forearm Thickness
     </li><li>Shoulder Thickness
 </li><li>Skirt portion controlled with body handles and morphs
   <li>Skirt Width
   </li><li>Skirt Length
   </li><li>Skirt Depth
   </li><li>Style Pointed
   </li><li>Style Rounded
   </li><li>5 Handles for posing
 </li><li>Utility Poses: (.PZ2)
   <li>Fit Boots
   </li><li>Hide Handles
   </li><li>Show Handles
 </li><li>Color Options:
   <li>Arms Black Leather
   </li><li>Arms Black Patent
   </li><li>Arms Red Leather
   </li><li>Arms Red Patent
   </li><li>Arms Suede
   </li><li>Body Black Leather
   </li><li>Body Black Patent
   </li><li>Body Red Leather
   </li><li>Body Red Patent
   </li><li>Body Suede
   </li><li>Boot Black Leather
   </li><li>Boot Black Patent
   </li><li>Boot Glass Heel
   </li><li>Boot Red Leather
   </li><li>Boot Red Patent
   </li><li>Boot Suede
   </li><li>Buckle Gold
   </li><li>Buckle Silver
   </li><li>Stocking Black Leather
   </li><li>Stocking Black Net
   </li><li>Stocking Black Patent
   </li><li>Stocking Red Leather
   </li><li>Stocking Red Net
   </li><li>Stocking Red Patent
   </li><li>Stocking Suede Net
   </li><li>Stocking Suede
   <li>1 Reflection Map (200 x 200)
   </li><li>4 Arms Texture and Bump Maps (3000 x 4000)
   </li><li>5 Body Texture and Bump Maps (4000 x 4000)
   </li><li>5 Boot Texture and Bump Maps (4000 x 4000)
   </li><li>2 Fishnet Bump and Transparency Maps (4000 x 4000)
   </li><li>5 Skirt Texture and Bump Maps (4000 x 4000)
   </li><li>5 Stocking Texture and Bump Maps (4000 x 4000)
 </li><li>Poser 5+ MAT Poses (.PZ2)
 </li><li>P6+ Material Presets (.MC6)
 </li><li>DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DS)