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Editing the Victoria 4.1 .bat File to Update Your Chosen Runtime Folder

(special thanks to LordHazard for this tip!)

If you are a brave Windows user and like to get your hands in hacking files, and if you are somewhat familiar with how to write batch files, you can edit the .bat file so that it correctly points to the Runtime folder that you have actually installed Victoria 4.1 into. In fact, you can use this method to update multiple installations of Victoria 4.1 with a single click.

The .bat file will be installed in the Runtime > Libraries > !DAZ folder in the Runtime Library that you selected during installation. The following steps guide you through the complete process.

NOTE: These instructions have not yet been given the DAZ “seal of approval” yet, but they do seem to work fine.

Part 1: Create and Install Victoria 4.1 to Your Runtime Folder

Let’s say, for example, that you store all of your Poser Runtime folders on a separate disk (Drive D: for this example), beneath a folder named Poser Runtimes. You want to name your Runtime folder Victoria 4.1:

  1. In Windows Explorer, create the folder that will store your Runtime (example: D:\Poser Runtimes\Victoria 4.1).
  2. Start the Victoria 4.1 Base Setup installer. Initially it asks if you want to include an uninstaller. Reply Yes or No as you like.
  3. The Setup Program steps you through several screens, until you reach the Target Application screen. There you can choose the version of Poser that you want to use. If you want to use Victoria 4.1 in both DAZ|Studio and Poser, choose the DAZ|Studio installation option. If you want to use Victoria 4.1 in multiple versions of Poser (Poser 5 or later), choose the Poser (All Files) option.
  4. The next screen that appears is the Multiple Content Directories Found screen. Here, click the Specified Directory option, and enter the name of the folder you set up in step 1 (or use the Browse button to select it). The path used in this example is D:\Poser Runtimes\Victoria 4.1.
  5. In the next screen, the setup program tells you that it has the information it needs. Verify that the folder it lists points to the correct folder. Then click Next to install the folder.
  6. Continue on to the Finished screen, where you see two options that are checked by default. The first option is Initialize Victoria 4.1. Keep that option checked to build all of the files that Victoria 4.1 will need to make her morphs work properly. You can check or uncheck the ReadMe File option as you desire.
  7. Click the Close button. You’ll see some DOS-based windows (black background, white text) pop up very briefly. This is because the installer runs a batch file that processes the files it needs to make Victoria 4.1 run correctly.

Part 2: Edit the Batch File

When the installation process is complete, your new Victoria 4.1 Runtime folder will have the directories shown below:

After you install these files to your external runtime folder, you will need to copy the contents of the Runtime\Libraries\!DAZ folder into the Runtime\Libraries\!DAZ folder of each version of Poser you are using (making sure it goes into the default Runtime folders and not the Download runtime folders).

Now, go back to the Runtime\libraries\!DAZ directory of your external Runtime folder. You'll see the following files:

Follow these steps:

  1. As a precaution, create a copy of the DzCreateExPFiles-v4.bat file. Name it something like DzCreateExPFiles-v4.OLD.
  2. Right-click on the DzCreateExPPFiles-V4.bat file, and choose Edit (or Open With, depending on your Windows version). Open the file in Notepad.
  3. The batch file contains one line that reads as follows:
 DzCreateExPFiles "Victoria 4" "V4"
  1. Add a new line beneath the first line. The line should read as follows, including quotation marks, except replace the path to the Runtime (D:\Poser Runtimes\Victoria 4.1, in this example) with the name of the folder that you created in Part 1.
 xcopy /e /i /y "..\!DAZ" "D:\Poser Runtimes\Victoria 4.1\Runtime\libraries\!DAZ"

A screenshot follows so that you can see the exact syntax without word wrapping (in case your browser wraps the syntax to more than one line):

You will also need to add the path to the default Runtime folder for every version of Poser that you use, so that the shortcut updates the proper files in your default Runtimes. Let’s say, for example, that you also have Poser 6 and Poser 7, and you want to copy the files from your external Runtime\libraries\!DAZ folder into your default Poser installation. You'll have to add additional xcopy commands for each of the additional Runtime folders and the batch file can update them all at the same time with a single click. For example:

 xcopy /e /i /y "..\!DAZ" "D:\Poser Runtimes\Victoria 4.1\Runtime\libraries\!DAZ"
 xcopy /e /i /y "..\!DAZ" "C:\Program Files\Curious Labs\Poser 6\Runtime\libraries\!DAZ"
 xcopy /e /i /y "..\!DAZ" "C:\Program Files\e frontier\ Poser 7\Runtime\libraries\!DAZ"

Then save the batch file to your hard drive. Now, whenever you need to update your Victoria 4.1 content, all you have to do is click on the desktop shortcut, which points to your custom batch file. Or, you can run your custom batch file directly, by double-clicking it.

After you’re done, make sure to add this external Runtime to Poser so that you can view Victoria 4.1 in the libraries. If all went well, she’ll load without a hitch.

Now, each time you run the utility shortcut it will update your external runtime files, and also copy the files to all the necessary Poser runtimes after it has updated them with the new content. This comes in handy for those of us who have multiple versions of Poser as well as D|S. This will insure that all your poser installations run smoothly with Victoria 4.1 and ExP.