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The DAZ Studio 3D Bridge Tab

Once the DAZ Studio 3D Bridge has been installed it is accessible via Photoshop > File > Automate > DAZ Studio 3D Bridge. This will enable the DAZ Studio 3D Bridge dialog, as seen below, and launch DAZ Studio. A brief overview of each button follows, with detailed usage covered in the next section.

Initial bridge tab Tab after launching Studio

From Photoshop, the user can perform the following functions using this control dialog:

  • If DAZ Studio has been closed, the Launch DAZ Studio toggle button will launch DAZ Studio in the proper mode for ease of use with Photoshop. In this mode, DAZ Studio will have a special layout/style and will always be on top.
  • Once DAZ Studio has started, the button will toggle to Close DAZ Studio, which will shut down DAZ Studio if clicked.
  • The Preview Image button creates an image or layer in Photoshop using the current DAZ Studio view port image.
  • The Update Image button refreshes the image or layer in Photoshop with the current DAZ Studio view port image. If the image has been modified in DAZ Studio, this will sync the Photoshop window.
  • The Enable Auto Update toggle button keeps the Photoshop image or layer up to date with the DAZ Studio view port image.
  • While Auto Update is enabled, the button will toggle to Disable Auto Update, which will disable the auto update if clicked.
  • The Render to New Layer button uses the DAZ Studio rendering engine to render the image with user selectable quality settings and have the final image imported directly into a new Photoshop layer.
  • The Import Scene to CS3X; button allows the entire DAZ Studio 3D scene to be imported into the U3D layer within Photoshop CS3X.
  • The Import Image Maps button imports images into Photoshop layers for selected image map textures that are associated with the DAZ Studio 3D models.
  • The Export Image Maps button saves the selected image maps (if modified in Photoshop) back to DAZ Studio which then updates the 3D scene with them.
  • The Cancel button closes the bridge plug-in Tab but does not close DAZ Studio. To perform editing work in Photoshop, this tab must first be closed, since it is the front most Photoshop window.