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Reference Section

What is the DAZ Studio 3D Bridge?

DAZ Studio 3D Bridge for Photoshop lets the user quickly and easily import 3D content, which has been created and rendered in DAZ Studio, to Photoshop. Once imported to Photoshop the 3D content can be easily integrated into digital scenes and edited using Photoshop’s rich graphical tool set. The 3D image maps can be modified within Photoshop and instantly rendered using DAZ Studio. Both Photoshop and DAZ Studio can be run simultaneously and work in tandem with each other.

By using DAZ Studio as a rendering engine this technology provides a bridge to older versions of Photoshop which do not support Adobe Photoshop CS3’s new 3D functionality, thus providing 3D content to a much broader audience of Photoshop users.

The DAZ Studio 3D Bridge for Photoshop is a unified set of DAZ Studio and Photoshop plug-ins which work together to import and export 3D objects and image layers between the two applications. DAZ Studio exports 3D objects and image maps to Photoshop, which can then view and manipulate those image maps. DAZ Studio can then render the 3D object with the new changes back into Photoshop.

Installation - Macintosh & Windows

To install the Studio 3D Bridge for Photoshop on either a Macintosh or Windows system:

  1. Make sure DAZ Studio is closed before installing the plug-in.
  2. Double-click on the DAZ Studio 3D Bridge for Photoshop installer icon to start the installation.
  3. If a previous version of the plug-in is already installed, you will be prompted to remove the current version to prevent possible conflicts. Click on Yes to continue.
  4. Read the Welcome screen and click on Next.
  5. Read the Software License Agreement and click on the radio button next to I accept the agreement, then click on Next to continue.
  6. Read the Ready to Install text and click on Next.
  7. Once the plug-in has been installed, read the Important notes and click on Next.
  8. In the Completing install dialog, click on the checkbox next to Launch DAZ Studio if you want to use the program immediately; click on the checkbox next to View the <plug-in> Readme then on Finish to close the installer and view the readme.

Using the Plug-in