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<p>AA - Anti-Aliasing </p> <p>AML - Advanced Motion Lab </p> <p>BU - Bryce Unit</p> <p>DOF - Depth of Field</p> <p>DS - DAZ Studio</p> <p>DTE - Deep Texture Editor</p> <p>FOV - Field of View</p> <p>G2H - grayscale-to-height map</p> <p>HDRI - High Dynamic Range Image</p> <p>IBL - Image Based Lighting</p> <p>LOD - Level of Detail </p> <p>Mat Lab or MatLab - Materials Lab</p> <p>MRD - Maximum Ray Depth</p> <p>PS - Photoshop</p> <p>PSP - Paint Shop Pro</p> <p>SymLat - Symmetrical Lattice</p> <p>TE - Terrain Editor </p> <p>TIR - Total Internal Reflection</p>