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Bryce 6.3 Installation Files

There are three files for installing Bryce 6.3:



Additionally, we have added installers for Bryce 7 beta:



Bryce 6.3 Instructions

The most important file for Bryce 6.3 is the application installer ( This single file installs the application and the components of the libraries. If you just want to install Bryce 6.3 and start using it as soon as possible, this is all you need to install.

Mac users may need to unzip the zip file provided. Double-click the installer to launch the installation. Do not install Bryce 6.3 into a folder where Bryce has already been installed. It needs its own folder.

If you have the installers for Bryce on a disk, you should copy them to your hard drive first and then run them.

The above file installs additional content. Like other Bryce add-ons, these will need to be opened as scene files or imported into the libraries in Bryce.
This file installs the network client which is called 'Bryce Lightning.' You need two or more computers of the same platform in order to use Bryce Lightning. It can only be used for rendering animations, not still scenes.

To learn how to use Bryce lightning, please see this link:
or the PDF

Now you should be able to launch Bryce 6.3. Input the serial number provided for Bryce 6.x in your account in 'Available Serial Codes.' There is no difference between serial numbers for Bryce 6.0, 6.1, and 6.3. They work within all builds of Bryce 6.x.

Bryce 7 beta installers

These are provided to give you a glimpse of what is in store for the next version of Bryce. The beta is timed and will eventually no longer work, about the time when the release version of Bryce 7 will be sold in our store. Bryce 6.x users will be eligible to purchase the upgrade version of Bryce 7 at that time.

Do not install Bryce 7 beta into the same folder as Bryce 6.3. The serial number for Bryce 7 beta is provided in the DAZ 3D forums here.

Some of the features already in development:

* Enhanced Lighting
* Instance Lab
* Better DAZ Studio Bridge
* Faster Rendering

We also hope to have:
* Multiple Monitor Support
* Improved used of RAM (still 32-bit, but more effective)