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Searching for New Content

Rather than manually adding newly installed content to the database, Studio can automatically scan your content directories for you and place the content into the correct categories.

Tip graphic TIP! This method will scan for all content in your linked Runtime and Content folders which may take a considerable amount of time depending on the amount of content you have installed. It may be easier to manually categorize folders such as Figures, Poses, etc. which will make it much easier to place the categorized content into their proper location.

Tip graphic TIP! When this method is used, all your content is placed into the Un-categorized category which then has to be recategorized (and you may have a huge list to go through). An alternate method is to use the Create Category from Folder option, then drag-and-drop the folder into the correct category, then move on to the next folder.

  1. Make sure you are in the View Categories listing in the Content tab.
  2. If this is the first time you have used the category listing or if you did not select the option to not show the dialog, the Scan for Content dialog will come up asking if you would like to scan for new content to add to the database.

  3. If the dialog does not come up when you select to view categories, choose Search for Content from the Content tab Options menu and the Scan for Content dialog will come up. This option can be chosen any time you've added new content to the content directories.

  4. If you have loaded new content recently or this is the first time seeing this message (see caution below), click on Yes. Click on Yes to continue or No to cancel the search.

  5. If this is the first time a content scan has been done, a message will come up indicating that DAZ Studio is scanning the content directories (the ones you set in Preferences) and the percentage complete. If the scan is taking longer than you would like, click on Cancel to stop the search.

  6. If this is a rescan to add new content to the database, DAZ Studio must first verify that all items in the database are still in the content directories.


    If a file cannot be found, it will be removed from the database.

    Once all the file are verified, the re-scan will start. Depending on how many files you have, this may take some time as the scan must find each file and then check to see if it is already in the database or not
  7. Let the scan run its course or click on Cancel to stop the scan. Once the scan has completed, a message will come up indicating how many items were scanned and how many added to the database. Click on OK to close the dialog.


    The first image below shows an initial scan where 60,748 files were added to the database. The second image shows a re-scan where 64,470 files were scanned and of those files, 60,748 of them were new and were added to the database.

    sw_scanning02.jpg cdb_newcontentscan.jpg
  8. If this is the first time you have scanned for content, all new content will be visible in the Un-categorized category and in the same folder structure as the Poser and Studio content directories.

  9. If this is a re-scan for new content added since the last content scan, categories with new content available will be highlighted, with the label in bold and an asterisk in front of the label.


    Click on the categories to see if the content was placed into the correct categories, or if the content was placed into the Un-categorized category, move them into the correct categories. Any items not placed in the Un-categorized category were placed into the correct category found by the scan in the matching .map file. See “Re-categorizing Content” for more on re-categorizing content and “Mapping Content” for more on mapping content.

  10. When you've finished verifying and/or moving content, right-click on the category and choose Mark as Viewed from the menu.


Caution graphic CAUTION! If you have a large runtime, this can take a long time to complete so you may want to wait until you go to bed or work and can set it running while sleeping or working or both. Average scan time is 0.35 ms per file.


  • 64,442 files, scan time: 37 minutes
  • 95,601 files, scan time: 90 minutes