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Auto Magnetizing Clothing

When clothing is fit to a figure, it automatically follows the figure as it is posed, however, if the figure contains deformers, the clothing may have figure poke through or be too large for the figure, depending on the current morphs. One way around this is to provide magnetize poses that apply the deformers on the figure to the clothing. While this method works, there are several issues with it:

  1. For each item of clothing, a separate pose file is required for DAZ Studio and Poser.
  2. The creator must include instructions on how to use the file and the user must read that documentation.
  3. Use of a pose file for a non-posing purpose.
  4. The pose file has to be reapplied when the figure pose is modified or different morphs applied.

To get around these issues, DAZ Studio provides an Auto Magnetize function that checks a figure's deformers and, if the clothing has a matching morph, automatically applies the morphs needed to the clothing to match the figure. When the figure pose or morphs are modified, the clothing is automatically updated to match the changes. There is nothing extra for the user to apply once the clothing is fit to the figure or when changes are made to the figure itself.

Of course, there are limits to the clothing items following the figure morphs depending on the clothing item so you may still get poke through when using extreme morph settings!

The Auto Magnetize function is enabled by default in the Preferences:


Auto Magnetize can be turned off by clicking on the toggle button then selecting to Apply the change:


To use the auto magnetize function:

  1. Make sure that Auto Magnetize is turned On in the preferences.
  2. Load the figure into the scene.
  3. Add/fit clothing to the figure, check the clothing to see if it has the required morphs.
  4. Apply the appropriate morphs to the figure. The clothing should automatically adjust if the clothing morphs match the morphs being applied to the figure.