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Applying Clothing Figures

As you will soon notice, most figures are nude when they first load into the Scene. This allows you the greatest possible flexibility to add clothing (or not…) Creating a dressed figure would require that the model and clothing be the same actual mesh object, thus limiting you to only one outfit for that figure.

From a technical standpoint, clothing items are figures with body parts and bones of their own. In other words, they are functionally identical to figures, such as Michael and Victoria. Select an appropriate clothing item in the Content tab and add it to your scene. You will see its root node and bones listed in the Scene tab.

Each figure has a unique bone structure tailored to the specific mesh object. In addition, each joint between bones is specifically designed to work with that figure’s mesh. In order to fit properly, clothing items must have both a bone structure and joint settings that are similar to those of the underlying figure (just as your own clothes must be sized and tailored to fit your body). Therefore, each item of clothing is specifically designed to fit a certain figure.

There are three ways to apply clothing to a figure (if the clothing item was originally created with the ability to fit itself to a figure):

Automatic Mode

To fit clothing to your figure automatically:

  1. Select the figure to apply the clothing item to.
  2. In the Content tab, navigate to the folder containing the clothing item that you wish to fit to the figure.
  3. Double-click the clothing item. The selected item is added to your scene and automatically fitted to your figure’s current pose (if the clothing was made for the figure).

Manual Mode

To fit clothing to your figure manually:

  1. Add the clothing to your scene.
  2. Select the clothing item by either clicking its root object or by using the Scene tab.
  3. In the Parameters tab, use the Fit To drop-down menu to select the figure to fit the clothing item to. The selected clothing item will fit to your selected figure.

Items designed for a different figure may work but will probably require additional adjustments.

Content Drag-and-Drop

New in DAZ Studio 2.0 is the ability to drag content from the Content tab or directories and have it apply to the figure or added to the scene.

See “Content Drag-and-Drop” for more details on using this feature.

Clothing Tips and Tricks

Fitting clothing to figures involves many complex behind-the-scenes calculations and may not be 100% perfect since there are too many variables beyond DAZ Studio’s control. Keeping the following items in mind will help eliminate problems:

  • It is usually best to pose and deform the figure before fitting clothing to it. It is easier to see your figure’s exact position when nude, and fitting clothes after posing usually results in a more precise fit.
  • You may get some poke-through. where one or more portions of the figure poke through the clothing. If this occurs, you have several choices:
    • Hide the body part(s) poking through the clothing.
    • Hide the surface(s) poking through the clothing (by turning their visibility off.)
    • Scale down the underlying body part a little.
    • Scale up the clothing item a little.
  • By applying one or more of these methods, you can quickly eliminate any poke-through that might occur.
  • If you are using clothing designed for a different figure, you should try a combination of the above methods.