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Adding Content to DAZ Studio

Before you can view the content in your Content folder, it seems logical that you need to install content that you can view. When you download DAZ Studio from the DAZ web site, you are also provided with a separate download file that contains a wealth of content.

Refer to “Setting Directory Preferences” for instructions on setting your directory preferences in order to locate your installed content.

Installing DAZ Content

When you purchase content from DAZ 3D, it is distributed in Windows executable files (EXE extension) or in SIT format for Macintosh users. The setup process is self-explanatory, as the setup wizard guides you through the process of choosing the folders that will store your content. You can install your content in the default DAZ Studio content folder, or into an external Content directory in any folder that lies outside the DAZ Studio installation folder. If you install your content into a folder that DAZ Studio does not yet recognize as a content folder, you may need to use the Edit > Preferences command as described earlier to add the new content folder to your directory lists.

Another important thing to mention is that DAZ content is compatible with DAZ Studio and Poser. Products that are more recent may include a separate file that contains the DAZ Studio-specific files such as material settings. When you order a product from DAZ, check to see if there are separate files included with the product that have the letters DS toward the end of the file name. Install the files along with the base product if you plan on using the product in DAZ Studio.

Installing Third-Party Content

When you purchase content from third party developers that sell their products at stores other than DAZ, they are typically distributed in ZIP files. Most often, they are configured to be compatible with the Poser® library structure, meaning that all files are placed beneath a folder that begins with a Runtime folder. Many users of DAZ Studio extract these files into external folders so that they can use the same content in both DAZ Studio and Poser. Even if you intend on using this content in DAZ Studio, it may be beneficial to install them to an external folder of your choosing. Afterward, you will have to use the Edit > Preferences command to add the new Poser content folder to your directory lists.