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Content Sub-Tabs

Two sub-tabs appear beneath the content icon area: Info and Author. You’ll also see a Save As button that allows you to save your own custom presets as DAZ Scripts.

Info Tab

The Info sub-tab displays basic information about the item you have selected in the Content tab. This information includes the name of the file, what type of file it is (depending on how it was saved), what version of DAZ Studio was used to create the file, when it was created and last modified, and the file size.


Author Tab

The Author sub-tab displays information about the company or individual that created the file you are using. If the content creator created their content within DAZ Studio and entered his or her authorship information, you will see the author’s name, email address, and website URL here. Additional comments may also appear here.


Adding or Editing Authorship Information

The Preferences dialog allows you to enter your authorship information. Choose Edit > Preferences and click the General tab shown below.

Currently, DAZ Studio has two options within the General tab: The ability to edit authorship information (who you are and how you can be contacted) and at what frequency DAZ Studio checks for updates (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Never), or you can check for updates immediately by clicking the Check for updates now button.