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Using & Maintaining Content

When a folder contains content that you can add to your scene, icons appear in the bottom portion of the Content tab as shown below. These icons are primarily used to add content to your scene. At the same time, they also provide a visual reference of the items contained within the selected folder.

There are several options hidden beneath the surface of this content area. You’ll learn more about them in the sections that follow.


Content Menu Options

When you right-click over any content icon, a context menu displays the menu shown below.


The commands in this menu provide the following functions:

  • Open: Clears the current scene and opens the selected item into a clean viewport.
  • Merge: Merges the selected item into the current scene.
  • Cut: Allows you to move content from one folder to another. Right-click over the selected item and choose Cut to place it in your clipboard.
  • Copy: Allows you to create a copy of the selected item and places it in your clipboard.
  • Paste: After you cut or copy an object into your clipboard, select a new folder from the List View or Tree View. Right-click on the new folder name and choose Paste. The selected item then appears in the new folder.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected item from the current location. This is not undoable so you are asked to confirm the deletion before the item is removed from the folder.
  • Rename: Allows you to rename the selected object. Enter a new name for the object and press Enter to assign it.
  • Create Custom Action: Choose this option to add a menu item to the Scripts menu. This is a very handy feature that provides quick access to figures and other content that you frequently use.

Tip graphic TIP! Content can be moved using Cut/Copy & Paste or by using Drag-and-Drop to drag the content to new folders. See below for more on using this feature.

Moving Content via Drag-and-Drop

Besides using cut and paste operations to move content between folders, DAZ Studio provides the option to select items and drag them to new folders.

  1. Make sure the folder where you want to move the content to is available either because the folder already exists or because you just created it.
  2. Navigate to the folder where the content is located and select the content thumbnail(s). Select multiple items using the following methods:
    • Select first item then press Shift and click on the last item.
    • Select first item, then press Ctrl and click on non-contiguous items.
    • Drag a marquee around the items to be selected.
  3. Drag the content to the new folder by moving the mouse over the folders. When viewing as tree or category, as you move over the folders in the listing, they'll expand and can be navigated more easily. When you get to the correct folder, move the mouse over the folder and let up on the mouse button.

    When viewing as list, the sub-categories do not yet expand so content must be moved in several operations or you can just make sure that the sub-folder is visible before moving the content.

  4. A Confirm File Move dialog will come up asking you to confirm that you want to move the file(s) to the selected folder. Click on Yes to move the file or No to cancel the move.



    If you select Yes, the selected content will no longer show in the current folder. If you select No, the content will remain in the original folder.
  5. Select the folder where the content was moved to and it will now show in that folder.


Maintaining Folders

When you right-click the folder that is currently selected in List View or Tree View, you see the menu shown in the figure below.


Use these commands as follows:

  • Create New Subfolder: Allows you to create a new folder beneath the currently selected folder. Enter a name for the new folder in the New Folder dialog and choose OK to create the folder.
  • Paste: Allows you to paste an object from your clipboard into the currently selected folder.
  • Rename: Allows you to assign a new name to the folder. Enter a new name then press Enter to assign it.
  • Delete: Deletes the currently selected folder. This is not undoable and deletes any files or subfolders beneath the selected folder. DAZ Studio prompts you to confirm the deletion before the folder is removed.
  • Create Category From Folder: Creates a category in the content database based on the current folder and/or sub-folders. See “Content Manager” for more on this option.
  • Browse to folder location: Opens the directory folder where the selected content is stored.

Adding Content to Your Scene

You can use any of the following methods to add the content to your scene:

  • Double-click a content icon. The object automatically appears in the center of your scene.
  • Click and drag the content icon from the Content tab and drop it into the viewport. See “Content Drag-and-Drop” for more on this feature.
  • Right-click on a content icon, and choose Merge from the context menu.
  • To add the selected object to a completely new scene, right-click the content icon and choose Open from the context menu. Note that this option completely clears your current scene and replaces all its contents with the item you selected. Make sure you save any existing work before you choose this menu option.

icon-note.jpg NOTE! If the content being loaded is ExP-enabled, the PowerLoader dialog will come up giving you options for injecting morphs and loading presets. See “PowerLoader” for more on using this tool.