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Customizing Interface Colors

The View > Interface Style commands allow you to customize the background and highlight colors used in your DAZ Studio interface. You can choose from existing color schemes or create your own.

Customize interface colors

The functions of the commands in the View > Interface Style menu are as follows:

  • Select Style: Opens a dialog that allows you to select one of several custom color configurations, including color schemes that use colors similar to Carrara, Hexagon, and DAZ Studio Classic.
  • Save Style As: Choose this command to save your own color schemes. Styles are saved to the DAZ Studio > Scripts folder on your hard drive, and use a .ds extension.
  • Delete Style: Opens the Delete Style dialog, which allows you to remove custom style scripts from the View > Interface Style menu.
  • Customize Colors: Opens the Customize Interface Colors dialog, shown below. This dialog allows you to select custom background, text, and accent colors. The Background Color defines the base interface color. The Text Color defines the color of the text that appears in the menus, tabs, and dialog boxes. The Accent Color defines a secondary color for items like borders and inactive tabs. After you create your custom colors, click Accept. Then use the Save Style As command to save the configuration and the Add Existing Styles command to add them to the View > Interface Style menu.